How GREAT sound looks like: Expression of emotions with AKG, JBL and Harman Kardon

MANY researchers have concluded with this: Music greatly affects and enhances our learning AND living. That's my simple 'secret' to live happier, smarter, and more focused. Earlier this week, I attended a product demo hosted by IMS Marketing featuring AKG, Harmon Kardon and JBL products. As the session introduced many world-changing and innovative products, I will start by sharing with you the world's FIRST ultimate sound customisation system with TruNote technology — the AKG N90Q!

AKG N90Q Review
In love with the AKG N90Q — Thanks Honey for this photo!

It's my privilege to have Maarten Willems, the Global Product Line Manager of Harman Lifestyle, introduced the World's FIRST Ultimate sound customisation system! Apparently, he flew over from the Netherlands for this event! *gasps*

AKG N90Q — S$2199 (incl. 7% GST).

AKG N90Q headphones that listen to your ears
When the product was first revealed, I thought that Singapore Airlines should have this in their First Class / Suite. Other than its gorgeous GOLD, I was pretty skeptical about headphones (I'm a fan of old-school cinematic speakers). Maarten shared that this US$1500 headphones has the most accurate sound reproduction and is inspired by legendary producer of Michael Jackson... Quincy Jones!

Best headphones in singapore

Technically, the headphone detects the shape of your ear anatomy — hence controlling volume, adjusting high and low with ultimate analog precision. This is the BEST AKG technology and it will revolutionise the way the world listen to music! I'm not bought over till I experienced it myself.

How sounds of luxury look like

AKG review
As I wait for my turn to try the N90Q, I was amazed by the way the other bloggers break into a BRIGHT smile as the music starts playing! 

#AKGSG review

To sum it off, the AKG N90Q is the first headphone that listens to your ears.


Don't you just love these COOL colours? More importantly, it's the same size as my water bottle, pencil case and brolly! The sound is very clear and crisp, and it's sharper than most established brands out there!


This is probably used for large gatherings such as birthday parties and chalet BBQ. It looks like a djembe, pretty cool huh! What excites me most is that both JBL FLIP and JBL CHARGE are water-resistant. Andy, Director of Product Planning & Strategy, literally poured two glasses of water over his speakers.

And it still works! AMAAAAZING!


Thanks Andy Tsui for the exhilarating demo!

 This easy-to-carry portable speaker is great if you just want to listen to music on-the-go. Cyclists would love these, I believe!


The Pulse is pretty cool in bedtime setting. It's colourful transition works pretty romantically in the dark. Add a little sweet lovely music and half the battle is won with stirring the heart of your beloved.

Harman Kardon Onyx White

Absolutely love this iconic, transportable, wireless speaker system! It looks so futuristic — makes the perfect decorative addition to your home.

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