GLOW with the flow: GLOW BodyActive and Arms & Tummy Shape-up Gel

I was recently introduced to some GLOW products. Previously, I have only come across the weight loss supplements on shelves and thought that I don't really need it since my BMI was acceptable. I would love to shed a few pounds though... especially around my belly area! On top of weight loss, there's a lot more benefits to this capsules which I can't wait to explore and discover! Read on to find out how you can receive a GLOW™Beauty Pack + Spa Vouchers (worth $130).

Anyway, decided to try out a bikini shoot which failed terribly because it's my first time wearing a bikini and I would never thought that I'd wear one, and actually have a photo (well just back view). This was a gift bought from Taiwan by my mum but I never wore it — for 7 years! Anyway it was raining and I insisted on going to the most ULU part of the beach. So ulu that there was not a single soul except...

Seems like peacock loves this all-natural supplement too eh!

Sealed for freshness

I have JUST started trying it and so there is no visible difference or side effect. It will definitely take some time and have a slower rate of change... I will be afraid if I lost weight too fast right!

I really love lotions, because it feels like it does not directly affect my body (though some would argue that certain chemicals may cause bad effects to the skin).

Anyway the smell was really good... very berrylicious! You can choose to put this before going to sleep as there is a hot sensation on the area.

The best part of the lotion is that although it appears sticky, it does not leave a sticky residue at all!

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GLOW with the flow: GLOW BodyActive and Arms & Tummy Shape-up Gel GLOW with the flow: GLOW BodyActive and Arms & Tummy Shape-up Gel Reviewed by Littletinysun on 3:01:00 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Shermaine...weight problem. ?? Really ?? Fitting a bikini that you have had for 7 years and never worn. I think you are fine... hehehe