Friday, July 17, 2015

Why students in Singapore should hold multiple part-time jobs

When it comes to career paths, I am a firm advocate that every student should hold multiple part time jobs in Singapore. There are many skills which you don't learn from studying. Participating in enriching co-curricular activities (CCAs) may show you the importance of teamwork and perseverance, but it does not lend any insights to the working world. Here are 7 reasons why students in Singapore should hold multiple part-time jobs in their student life.

1. Build Character 

I remembered my first part-time job as a street surveyor. In the face of rejection, I felt hurt and wanted to give up. I couldn't understand why people on the street could pass me by like I was invisible, and that was when I realised that the world did not revolve around me.

2. Increase Experience

At any one time, there are more than enough job listings on part time jobs singapore. My early entry to the food & beverage industry taught me how to serve customers well, and serve food fast. Assembling a burger in McDonald's and brewing a cuppa of coffee in Coffee Bean granted me many applicable skills in the office today!

3. Get to know more people

 You will never know who is going to be your colleague after you graduate. It's always wonderful to have a sense of familiarity with someone you have previously known!

4. Discover what you DO NOT want to do

How would you know what you want to do, if you don't know what you DON'T want to do? Having more part-time jobs will give you a sense of direction for your future — you may not know what you want to do now, but at least you know which industry you want to be part of.

5. Know the value of money

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If you knew how many hours of work you need in exchange of purchasing that shirt, you would probably think twice.

With that, you would probably want to research on the availability of current part time jobs for students !

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