1-for-1 Dinner at the Beirut Grill with The Entertainer Singapore

Visiting Beirut Grill is enlightening — it opened doors to a world of flavourful Lebanese cuisine, beyond the usual hummus and falafel we know of. Located on bustling Bussorah Street, Beirut Grill offers classic halal Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus, stuffed pastries and grilled meats along desserts like baklava and ohm ali (cream pudding). Read till the end to find out about an ongoing promotion (valid till 31 December 2015).

Beirut Mezza Platter

The Beirut Mezza Platter consists of a basket of homemade pita bread, Hummus, Moutabal, Baba Ghanoush and Falafel.
Beirut Grill Review Singapore homemade pita bread
Homemade Pita bread
The Hummus went really well with the pita bread. Don't worry if you're not a fan of chickpeas as the flavour is pretty mild. I guess it's because they have mixed it with sesame paste and topped it off with extra virgin olive oil.

Indulge in the falafel, a deep-fried fava beans croquettes that is served with tahina sauce. Moutabal is made of Aubergine puree topped with extra virgin olive oil. A healthy choice would be the Baba Ghanoush, a Char-grilled eggplant mixed with capsicum topped with olive oil. My favourite was the Cheese Borek, a deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled with Feta cheese.

Mixed Grilled Kebab Platter

Here's the tantalising part: a four-part grilled meat platter consisting of Shish Taouk (Chicken cubes marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices), Lamb Kebab Kofta (Char-grilled minced lamb with Arabic herbs & spices), Tikka Kebab (Char-grilled beef cubes marinated in chef’s special spices) and Beirut Lamb Chops (Chef’s special dish, marinated in Arabic herbs & spices, succulent & tender, char-grilled to perfection).

beirut grill Lamb Kebab Kofta
Lamb Kebab Kofta

beirut grill Lamb Kebab Kofta
Lamb Kebab Kofta

Samak Meshwi

Beirut Grill Samak Meshwi
Samak Meshwi

The Grilled fish cubes was too dry for my liking. Marinated in Arabic herbs and spices served with grilled vegetables and Vermicelli rice, it was a taste that I was not used to.


beirut grill review halal Mousakaa
Smothered in mozzarella cheese, the Char-grilled eggplant is cooked with chickpeas & onions, stewed with tomato sauce and served with Vermicelli Rice.


Made of Crispy filo pastry filled with crashed nuts, the Baklava is a perfect dessert tipped with honey and rose water.

We were also treated to an entertaining show of belly dancing!

Belly Dancing Beirut Grill

Lime Juice
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Beirut Grill

72 Bussorah St, 199485
Phone: +65 6341 7728
Mon-Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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