1 Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar

 It was a memorable evening spent at Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar. This family-owned bistro, bar and building sits right at a T-junction, and is named after the road it sits on. This makes it pretty easy if you are jio-ing friends for a relaxing session in the evening. Opened by the Yeos, it was their passion who brought Paul and Karen into the food scene. If you're looking for a modern chic industrial ambience, this might be the place you want to check out!
Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar
Pork Chop


Crispy Mid-Wings — S$10

Crispy Mid-Wings

It's probably the best mid-joint wings I have ever eaten in my whole life. The savoury crisp of each bite is mind-boggling. I would highly recommend you to try this!


Cheese Lover— S$19.80

Cheese Lover

Black Truffle Egg Pizza— S$23.80

Black Truffle Egg Pizza

Spicy Pepperoni— S$19.80

Spicy Pepperoni

You must try their remarkable pizzas. The base was thin and crisp, largely addictive. It wasn't long before all the slices were taken up!


Bacon Carbonara— S$16.80

Bacon Carbonara

Visually, this may look deliciously appetising. Yet you should only try if you're a cream sauce fanatic — every spoon was thick in the cream-based sauce that makes it pretty difficult to swallow. It's good if you're sharing with a large group of people, so that you can have at least a tasting portion of it.

Aglio Olio— S$16.80

Aglio Olio

Aglio Olio

Aglio Olio

I was puzzled by the price point of the Aglio Olio — why does it cost similar to the other pastas selection? It's because this pasta is cooked with generous amounts of tiger prawns and mushrooms with garlic. The chilli padi is like an atomic bomb, exploding in your mouth when you least expect it!

Seafood Marinara— S$17.80

Seafood Marinara
If you're going for something complex, the Seafood Marinara captures all the flavours you can find in the sea. 

Grilled Salmon— S$20.80

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon
A fragrant lemon, herb and butter sauce brings out the flavour of the perfectly grilled salmon fillet. It looks like a dish served in fine-dining restaurants, and they were absolutely generous with the ingredients of shrooms and salad.

Pork Chop— S$16.80

Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar Pork Chop

Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar pork chop

It's a huge slab of pork meat with fantastic brown gravy! This is pretty filling, perfect for those who are looking for protein after their gym workout.


Tiramisu— S$8.80

Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar Tiramisu

Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar Tiramisu
I really liked the Tiramisu because it features a combination both of my favourite liquids: alcohol and coffee. The texture is more watery and moist, but I didn't mind that at all.

Panna Cotta— S$8.80

End your evening on a slightly sweet note with the Panna Cotta. Deliciously light and creamy, the bright summer fruit gives a slightly sweet and sourish aftertaste in your mouth!

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar Menu

With so many delightful dishes, it's difficult to pinpoint which ones you should have. I would suggest multiple visits back to the bistro because you can't enjoy all of these in a single session, right? Thanks Karen and Paul for hosting us, as well as Elle for the invitation! :)

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