Brand new community for fashion, lifestyle and beauty

Where do you get your daily dose of fashion tips, beauty ideas and lifestyle advice? Well, I'm pleased to share that there is a brand new community for these trio in a single platform. This platform is none other than the fashion giant, aka your one-stop fashion destination, ZALORA! I was really surprised to find out that ZALORA has only been around since 2012, and they have successfully managed to have a good mix of local and international design brands (more than 400 brands, in fact)!

It's pretty easy to navigate around the community. There are four sections for you to choose from— Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Currently, there are two profiles of contributors uploaded on the page!

Isn't it great to have people from all walks of life to inspire you? I think it serves as a great motivating factor for me to maintain my quest for keeping myself in the loop for the latest fashion trends, having good lifestyle habits and so on! 

There are also in-house ZALORA content editors and writers who share about everything under the sun! By clicking on the names of these writers, you are able to filter the pages and read the articles written by that particular writer only. By clicking 'Read more', the article will pop-up for easy readability!

Your thirst for the latest 'soft' news may be satisfied by the community! Who knows, this might even turn into a portal where shoppers could comment, share or mingle with each other? They currently have comment boxes for each article, similar to that of a blog or a news site! Hopefully, we can become a community of Zalora-ians! :D

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