Dilmah Tea Appreciation Workshop at Earle Swensen's

Where was tea first invented? I never knew the answer till I attended a Tea Appreciation workshop hosted by Dilmah Tea! Did you know that tea is an accidental discovery made by Emperor Shen Nong in 2373BC? It was more than two thousand years later that tea was brought into Japan.

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Aside from wine pairing and coffee pairing, there is tea pairing as well. Light tea goes with light food, and heavy tea goes with heavy food!

Chip & Slaw Sandwich

chip and slaw sandwich

The Chip and Slaw Sandwich goes well with Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast and Pure Peppermint!

earle swensens Chip & Slaw Sandwich
Here's a summary of the recommended tea pairing with food:
  • White Tea with delicate food 
  • Green Tea with seafood, fried food and salads
  • Black Tea with sweet, rich and savoury food
  • Oolong tea with sweet snacks and cakes

Dilmah Exceptional Tea

To brew the perfect cup of tea, you need to consider the temperature, amount of water and steeping time. Never use reboiled water and add honey instead of sugar as a natural sweetener!

There are quite a few places serving the Exceptional Range, such as Carpenter & Cook, The Bake House by Carpenter & Cook, Two Tall Trees, Cornerstone @ Bishan Park, Ms Molly’s, Coffee Daily, 63 Celcius and Thai in Town!
dilmah exceptional pure chamomile flowers

dilmah exceptional ceylon green tea

dilmah exceptional english breakfast

dilmah exceptional elegant earl grey

dilmah exceptional berry sensation

Layered Ice-cream cake

Layered Ice-cream cake

The layered ice-cream cake pairs perfectly well with Dilmah Exceptional Elegant Earl Grey & Ceylon Green Tea!

dilmah exceptional ceylon green tea

Don't forget to store your tea bags in an airtight container! Only open the tea packets when you need it, because tea leaves actually absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. If you don't believe it, try putting a tea bag near some durians and your next brew would taste like durian tea!

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