What to know about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

"Western medicine treats the symptoms, while Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the root cause of your ailments". I have heard this quote since I was little, but did not turn to TCM until June this year. I don't think that my body is suitable for western drugs, because almost every cure of a symptom would lead to a side effect. It's not in my purview to compare between the two, but I'm glad I've discovered TCM :)  [Read till the end to enjoy a promotion with Eu Yan Sang]

My virgin experience with TCM in June was at a new clinic in a neighbouring estate. I'm not eloquent in mandarin, so I had trouble understanding the physician but my ailments were cured in two days and I never had to go back since. When the opportunity to visit Eu Yan Sang arise, I thought that this was the time to fully understand a medical practice which I never made the effort to!

Like all other clinics, I had to fill in a patient record card and produce an NRIC for registration.

The clinic assistant proceeded to take my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.

Thankfully, my heart rate, temperature and blood pressure are completely normal!

1. Your wellness is an organic whole!

My physician, Lin Xiao Yan, spent an hour talking to me about my health and how to improve on it. I can't squeeze an hour's worth of information here, but I assure you that it has been very helpful. What surprised me the most was that TCM was able to identify my 'irritable' mood as part of my wellness! I didn't even tell her anything about myself, except a few symptoms that I am concerned with (such as having unstoppable mucus flowing from my nose and sneezing 5 times at one go). 

2. Your body must be in harmony with the environment.

If the weather is hot and humid, it's not good to put babies in air-con room or have direct wind from the fan. It's not healthy to exercise when the sun is down. Our body is meant to adapt and work with the environment, instead of changing the environment to suit us!

3. Your pulse rate and tongue tells a lot about your health condition.

Here's what the physician was able to churn out even though I didn't say anything to her (except about my mucus and sneezing)! Yes, I am extremely prone to acne and I had jaundice when I was younger. She told me that the 'damp-heat constitution type' changes upon diet and lifestyle. She also said that I seem cool, calm and collected instead of irritable, but it's definitely true that I get irritated quite easily!

4. Receive a 14-page Health Report of your own

This is like a full body check-up in the TCM way. Instead of using medicine to treat diseases, Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics focus on preventive health/ sub-health issues.  Sub-health issues are conditions that have not developed into diseases yet.  Many people who are in the sub-health zone do not realize or choose to overlook.  Your body gives you signs, perhaps in the form of stress-related ailments like chronic fatigue, headaches or poor quality of sleep!

You MUST watch the video here.



5. Solutions include home remedies such as Wellness herbal tea and wellness acupuncture massage.

I think it's important to act upon some of the sub-health signs you may have been ignoring before it gets worse. One of TCM’s strengths is treating sub-health conditions and helping you to make some positive changes to your lifestyle. Eu Yan Sang Health Report service can show you how. Don’t wait until you slide closer to the “Disease” zone.

Get your own TCM Health Report at Eu Yan Sang.
Simply call the clinic to make an appointment and quote “My TCM Health Report” to enjoy Health Report service at $38 (Usual price: $48), until 31 Dec 2015.

Book an appointment for the Health Report service: http://euyansangclinic.com/services/other-services/tcm-health-report

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All of the physicians are well-versed in English and mandarin.

Thanks Eu Yan Sang & The Influencer Network for the complimentary Health Report and Consultation! :)
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