Cafe Week with L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle

What happens when two talented friends decide to follow their passion and open their very own pastry shop? The result is a pyrotechnic display of tastefully beautiful eclairs! L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle was opened last year and is the first éclair specialty store and café in Singapore. Two good friends and pâtissières with a similar dream and passion, the ladies, Sarah and Michelle, went to Le Cordon Bleu Paris to grasp the art of french pastry in a short span of nine months. (Read till the end to find out more about Cafe Week happening this December!)
L'Éclair review singapore
L'Éclair storefront with a glass refrigerator displaying the different Éclairs

This is an artwork of its own — with the beautiful artist cum pastry chef Sarah showcasing her gorgeous creations in an art display.
Singapore eclaire Pastry Chef Sarah Tan
Director and Pastry Chef of L'Éclair, Sarah Tan

best cafe design inspiration singapore
The lofty ceilings and modern, neutral colours of the cafe promise a relaxing time as you dig into your dessert. The furniture and pendant lights are specially selected by the duo, with the latter imported from overseas. It's a rare sight to find brass lights in Singapore, really. Do spot the wonderful tint-styled ceilings as well!

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle

The pastry chefs attempt to come up with new flavours once every two weeks, or at least once a month. They creams are all pastry-based, using eggs, milk, cream and sugar beaten together. As their Éclairs are french-inspired, it is different from Japanese-styled cafes who use whipped cream base, hence you can taste the heavier, full-bodied difference.

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle review

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle mini signature chicken bacon pie
Mini Signature Chicken Bacon Pie

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle mini signature chicken bacon pie

Guests who prefer savoury snacks must try the Signature Chicken Bacon Pie, which comes with a generous portion of side salad. It works great for a heavy afternoon tea — the crust is heavy yet crisp. I like how they offered to bake it for us again after we took about 30 minutes taking pictures of everything *grins*.

L'eclaire by Sarah Michelle Earl Grey Hazelnut Praline eclaire
Earl Grey (left) and Hazelnut Praline (Right)
L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle Lemon Meringue

Along with other NOMNOM bloggers and journalists from OpenRice, we all agreed that the Lemon Meringue (S$7.50) was our favourite. It had a light citrusy twist that was absolutely perfectly balanced.  According to Sarah, Ispahan (S$8.50) is the best-seller in their cafe.

Ispahan — S$8.50 (Best Seller)

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle Ispahan

There's no wonder why it's the best-seller as the delicate rose petal adds on to its visual appeal. It's made of rose cream, fresh berries and light chilli. The inspiration behind this Éclair comes form the award-winning macaron in Paris, a french name which I couldn't catch. Désolé!

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle Ispahan

Other flavours include the following:

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle salted caramel
Salted Caramel

L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle mango passionfruit
Mango Passionfruit — S$8

Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle
Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans

Cookies & Cream eclaire
Cookies & Cream
L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle iced chocolate
Iced Chocolate
L'eclair By Sarah Michelle
Earl Grey Latte
The fragrance of the earl grey complements the aroma of the roasted beans perfectly. This is my choice beverage for a strong perk-me-up because of the adrenaline it gives without suffering from the aftermath of an awful 'coffee breath'!

Be part of Cafe Week from 10th to 13th December & 17th to 20th December 2015!

From early November onwards, Diners will be able to browse through the participating cafes menus. Due to a possible large demand, reservations are required for L'eclaire by Sarah Michelle during Cafe Week. Click here to make your reservations.

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L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle
190 Clemenceau Avenue,
Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-28, Singapore 239924
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