Premium Organic Barbecue in Singapore

At each barbecue gathering, certain sacrifices have to be made. I recall those school gatherings when I was always in charge of purchasing the various ingredients from the supermarket. Along with some friends, I had to spend at least two hours to source for ingredients within our budget. With much effort and growling stomachs, we lugged the heaps of food to the pit. But I'm so glad for the modern wonders of the internet — because Chris and Ruth have officially launched Stoke! Stoke declares themselves to provide the freshest meat for barbecue in Singapore— and that's something you need to find out for yourself. Read till the end of the post to find out about an ongoing promotion with STOKE!
stoke pork iberico review
Pork Ibérico Secreto
We sampled the "Eight's a Party" parcel (worth S$240). This BBQ parcel contains:

  • Pork Ibérico Secreto 350g x 2
  • Organic Grass-fed Beef 200g x 3
  • Organic Saltbush Lamb 12 ribs

The portion is recommended for 8 adults, and you can request for a chef to help out at your event! You may find out more about Stoke in my previous post here. iberico ham review
Iberico Ham
As the chef worked on the fresh meats, we started off with a range of appetisers such as Iberico ham and a variety of cheeses with walnuts.

premium organic barbecue stoke walnut cheese
Cheese and walnut platter
premium organic barbecue stoke walnut cheese

stoke sizzling meat review
Luscious sizzling meat!

 stoke bbq organic lamb review
I've never tasted juicier lamb than this. The way the flavours hit your tastebuds is out of this world.

stoke bbq organic grass-fed beef review
This Organic Grass-fed beef from Australia may be initially tough to chew, but it quickly becomes incredibly tender in your mouth. What results are juicy chunks of succulent meat with rich, well-browned flavours.

stoke bbq review penne
Aside from premium barbecued meats, STOKE offers other items delivered straight from renowned restaurants. We had penne and garden salad, which unfortunately turned quite dry by the time we actually got down to eating it. I guess these outsourced items pale in comparison to Stoke's in-house juicy and tender meat!

stoke singapore review garden salad

stoke bbq cream potatoes
 I really liked the creamed potatoes though — sinfully buttery and topped with a fragrant cheesy crust!

Limited-time promotion:
*subject to availability


Stoke offers a myriad of exotic tastes and flavours to the Singapore barbecue scene. With their range of top end premium cuts, all you need are a pinch of salt and a few close friends stoke up your BBQ session!
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