In love with Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland is a wonderful theme park which holds dear to both the young and old. The stories told through generations after generations are something that the universe knows. In fact, my mum and dad were more excited than I was when it comes to going to Tokyo Disneyland. <3 Read till the end to find out how you can purchase Tokyo Disneyland passports online and skip the queue!

Mom & dad acting like kids again

After alighting from Maihama station, we were greeted with lots of iconic fairytale symbols along the way. My Japanese friend told me that the best time to visit Disneyland would be a Wednesday, because it is the least crowded. Indeed, I was really surprised that the queue times were pretty short (compared to the Disneyland we visited in Paris)!

No queue spotted at the registration booth!

Be serenaded with a man on the piano!

Disneyland food is really, really innovative.

My bro and I had lots of fun with this churro. It's damn sweet though — best shared with someone or else you have to run around Disneyland to lose those calories.

Presenting to you


Mickey Darth Vader lol!

Here in Disneyland, it's okay to have all your childish antiques coming out heh.


disneyland watermelon decoration

Your kids would really be amazed, because they are extremely detailed with their decorations. This watermelon is spotted in front of Mickey's house!

Pretty scary roller coaster
One of the must-visit attractions is MICKEY'S HOUSE! It's the only ride where we queued for about 55 minutes. But the things that we see along the way is well worth-it!

Just chillin' with Mickey's fireplace

55 minutes for a photo with Mickey <3

I love you Mickey, and he hugged me!!! Hahaha!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Mickey gave me a kiss haha!

Guess who?

You could also detonate a lot of smoke in this house by pumping some machine. Pretty cool!

Whatever it is, don't miss out the fireworks show at 8.30PM and 9PM. Unfortunately, we had a really cloudy sky. Here's a tip: the fireworks will appear on the left side of the castle. The fireworks show isn't as amazing as Paris Disneyland though.

The place to collect your photos is at the entrance of the park!

Look at the sea of people after we've finished watching the fireworks show! Our dad was separated from us so we told him to meet us under the huge Christmas tree <3 It's beautiful, it's magical, it's Disneyland...

I hope everyone's getting all ready for Christmas! It's the season of renewed love, thanksgiving and forgiveness. This year has been really amazing, thank God for His grace and love. 

Tips for visiting Disneyland:

  1. Purchase your tickets online! They usually have online discounts for those who purchase in advanced. Click the following to purchase:
  1. Travel light. The park is really huge, so it's not wise to carry lots of 'barang barang' around.
  2. Bid for the fireworks show when you're visiting the park. Bidding allows you to get front seats reserved just for you!
  3. Bring lots of cash. There are a lot of interesting souvenirs, really!
  4. There's water cooler around the park so don't worry.
  5. If you're visiting in Autumn or Winter, the wind + rain makes it really, really cold. Purchase heat packs to get the extra soothing warmth!

Tokyo Disneyland

Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan
Phone: +81 45-330-5211
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