Sher North Indian Casual Dining & Bar

Last week, dearie decided to surprise me with a mysterious place for dinner using the mobile app SUGAR. It was really tough not knowing where we were eating (especially for a foodie)! When we reached the destination, he asked, "Eh, you open the shop one ah?" Hahahaha and so this North Indian restaurant is a short form of my name Shermaine. I was really really happy because I've been craving Indian cuisine overseas, and he got my favourite item through SUGAR! <3

Sher North Indian Casual Dining & Bar  review
It was also a day of cafe-hopping and this was our first stop. I thought it was strange that there were no patrons in the store at all, despite it being a Sunday. Sher Casual Dining & Bar is a family-run restaurant and serves a wide variety of curries, grilled meats, oven-baked naans and a well-stocked bar to quench your thirst. We decided to choose the alfresco seats and enjoy the scenery (mainly vehicles driving past). The menu had wonderful description that made us want to choose everything, but since we are visiting more restaurants/cafes later, we had to plan our stomach space carefully. 

Sher North Indian Casual Dining & Bar
Interior of Sher Casual Dining

We were quite upset with the service because the waiter kept asking us to order more food! An elderly couple later sat beside us, and it was evident that the wait staff showed preferential treatment towards us. Although the elderly couple came later, they served their table with the food first and even made small talk with them, such as asking whether the food was to their liking. It was obvious when they adopted a friendly tone towards them and treated us quite coldly. Anyway, I told the wait staff that we were cafe hopping and he thought I wanted to order more coffee, and he looked quite unhappy when I clarified that I wasn't. *sighs*
The Hari chutney (green sauce) was unexpectedly sour, perhaps a little too much lime juice. The crackers were awesome — we took awhile to eat them and they didn't 'lou fong (turned soggy)'. Well, these are complimentary by the way.

 Sweet Lassi — S$4

sweet lassi singapore
Plain yoghurt with a little sugar added (drink in the background)
The sweet lassi was a tad too salty. We wondered if they accidentally added salt instead of sugar. 

Malai Kebab — S$10

Malai Kebab singapore
Tender chicken marinated with cheese and cream
 One of our favourites is the tender, juicy chicken.  It's probably one of the most succulent chicken you'll ever sink your teeth into? However, we couldn't taste the cream and cheese though.

 Garlic Naan — S$3 

Garlic Naan

sher north indian casual dining and bar Garlic Naan
The garlic naan wasn't too oily, yet taste crispy and had enough crunch!


Cottage cheese cubes in a spinach puree

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I loved how generous they were with the cottage cheese cubes! The spinach puree was more on the saltier side, but that's okay for us because you could just scrape the sauce off the cottage cheese.

Sher Casual Dining & Bar

25 Sembawang Road
Singapore 779079
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 12pm-12am (Kitchen Closes at 10pm)

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