Best promotion of 2016 - 50% OFF Dominos Pizza

I'm pleased to share that Domino's has recently come up with a 2016 promotion : 50% OFF large and extra large pizzas for all online deliveries in Singapore! Ordering pizzas are a fuss-free way to enjoy oneself in corporate gatherings, birthday parties, school gatherings and more. With pizzas, it's difficult for any party or event to go wrong... because your guests are most likely to love at least one flavour and one type of crust!

Updated promo codes: May 2016
THANK YOU William for inviting us to a Dominos' party at your cozy office. In this modern age, nobody goes 'YUM SENG (cheers in mandarin)' anymore with their drinks. It's all about snapping way photographs of food!

dominos promotion 2016
Cameras and phones say 'cheers'!
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Chicken Tender Bites from Dominos Pizza
Pizzas are a great way to keep you company if you're an introvert like myself, hahaha. For a period of time, I sat at a corner of the room enjoying my pizza! Here's a confession though — while the others were talking, I unknowingly took 4 pieces of pizza to eat. They had to order a second round of pizzas delivery (and I still felt hungry, LOL). I'm sorry, because Dominos Pizza just taste so good.

best singapore promotions 2016
Caught in the act of taking pictures of pizza!
Well, you can see how I've changed my pose from last year when I posed with some Domino's pizza collaterals! Hopefully there's some improvement...
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Dominos Pizza Promotion in 2016

Look at the number of phones— the pizzas are indeed a celebrity! I LOVE YOU DOMINOS PIZZA!!!

dominos pizza singapore promotion mobile 2016

It was great fun meeting many new bloggers and friends, such as Carine, Shaun, Zonghan and Tanglin actress, Shayne

dominos pizza singapore promotion

There are many ways to take great photos of pizzas. Here are some examples:

1. 45 degrees angle

dominos pizza coupon 2016

As pizzas are famous for its round shape, the 45 degrees angle works best to show off the ingredients that are placed on it!

dominos pizza singapore
The 45 Degrees angle

2. Top-down shot

pizza party ideas in singapore
The top-down shot is great if you have at least four pizzas on the table! As you can see, we ordered several types of large pizzas and appetisers from Domino's Pizza. I really liked the Banana Kaya Pizza, an innovative pizza exclusive to Singapore!

corporate gathering ideas in singapore
Arranging the food for the photo!

Updated promo codes: May 2016


Simply use the following promo codes to enjoy exclusive pizza deals:

  • "TIN105A" : 2 Reg pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $24 (U.P $51.40).
  • "TIN105B" : 2 Large pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $34.50 (U.P $65.40).
  • "TIN105C" : 2 Xtra Large + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $45 (U.P $77.40)

Offer is valid through:

Valid till 20 May 2016. Delivery is FREE.

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