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CHENG's got their grill on for all gourmet barbecue inspirations— an entire page on their menu is dedicated to various types of grilled skewers. After church service on Sunday, my BF and I decided to hunt for new food places, and of course, we used our favourite SUGAR mobile app to give us some ideas. Our adventurous spirit definitely did not come to naught as we found a place that felt like home. Perhaps it's because the wait staff gives off the vibe of a camaraderie...

cheng's gourmet food bar storefront
CHENG'S Review
My heart fluttered when I saw the huge 'All-Day Student Value Meal' board. "Let's hurry and go in," I urged my foodie partner. A great brawny man came out of the store and added, "We have student meals for NUS students".

student meal singapore clementi
All-Day Student Value Meal
Oh crap, we weren't from NUS but we are legit students. Upon much hesitation, we asked if non-NUS students could still enjoy this offer. He looked slightly taken aback, and nodded his head frantically. Phew...

clementi cafe singapore
Interior of CHENGS Gourmet Food Bar
I don't know if you should call this a restaurant, cafe or a food bar. The decorations were a mix of everything. For example, they have different ambient lighting and different food counter/cashier. The glass cake refrigerator is also in a pretty strange positioning — making it rather difficult for us to see what's available. Nevertheless, I really liked the coziness. They even have magazines for you to browse through!

craft beers singapore chengs gourmet food bar
Craft Beers
There is also a wide selection of craft beers to choose from. I wished I could share a bottle, but my foodie partner doesn't drink at all. *sighs*

Signature Cajun Chicken Wrap — S$10.90

CHENGS Gourmet Food Bar Review Signature Cajun Chicken Wrap — S$10.90
Signature Cajun Wrap
The amalgamation of flavours were mood-lifting, though I was quite startled by the size when the meal was served. The portion is probably large enough for a bodybuilder. We got this item using the SUGAR app. 

chengs gourmet food bar golden mantou

Breaded Dory — S$6.50*

chengs gourmet food bar breaded dory

This could be your next go-to comfort food. The batter was pretty even and crisp, and the fish meat had no fishy smell. The rice was pleasingly plump, slightly different than the usual rice served in most places.

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chengs gourmet food bar menu
CHENG'S also serves salad in an a la carte form. This is really great because it allows us to have greater flexibility to choose what we really want! Hope to find time to visit the food bar again and try this!

chengs gourmet food bar menu
Drinks and food menu

I like the vibe of the food bar. Hopefully, we could find time to visit this restaurant / cafe / food bar again! :)

Cheng's Gourmet Food Bar
28 Clementi Road, Singapore 129754
Tel: 64640617
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