Korean Hairstyle 2016 with Singapore CCA Hair Salon

안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)! In my previous blog post, I shared the aftermath of the Korean Natural Loose Curls done at CCA Hair Salon. As you know by now, CCA7 is the No.1 Hair Salon in Seoul. All of their staff go through rigorous tests for basic styling. What I like most about CCA7 is that they share with you about the products used — my stylist, Yoona, gave details about the products used on my head at each stage. Read till the end of the post to enjoy CCA Hair Salon promotion (for a limited time only).

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I first shopped for my style on CCA7 website. There are more than 180 styles to choose from for women alone! *gasps*. Jihye's hairstyle (centre of image) immediately caught my eye!

CCA Hair Salon Review Singapore

DoYeon, the manager, was the translator between Yoona and I. Since I'd start working soon, I wanted to look more mature this year. I told her I would prefer natural curls.

I really like Yoona's honesty. She said that if I were to perm my hair and dye it at the same time, the texture of my hair would turn dry drastically. She recommended that I split the session into two parts — setting perm, and hair colour a week later.

Far East Plaza Korean Hair Salon
Thanks Doyeon for making this warm cup of Yuzu! :)
Korean Hair Salons Singapore
Selfie with beautiful Yoona <3
Korean Hairstyle Salon 2016 Singapore
CCA Hair salon has one of the most healthiest beverage menu I've ever seen. I got to choose from Green Tea (Hot / Cold), Iced Peach Tea, Yuzu Tea (hot), orange juice and water (hot or cold). I chose the Yuzu Tea, which was AWESOME. It just adds to the entire experience of thinking that one is in Korea!

CCA Hair Salon Review
Cozy ambience
CCA7 Hair Salon Review
Different hair machines are located at different seats

Reminessance Scena Adel Mucota 4-set hair clinic system

Reminessance hair treatment review singapore

I had a shock of my life when Yoona brought out the basket of products that she's going to use on me. Did you know that Korean celebrities actually use the Reminessance range for their hair? After much research, I found out that the Reminessance range (Step 1 - 3) costs S$795.00 on Qoo10. Sadly, I forgot the steps taken for the natural curl but these are the functions of the various products:

best hair treatment in singapore
Step-by-step procedure may not be accurate!
I can't remember if they did the treatment first then curl, or curled then treatment. This is because my hair is already tinted from previous hair dye, and it is actually quite dry! Anyway, the Korean hair treatment is now going for S$98 instead of $198... it's a real steal, considering how a DIY hair treatment costs $700+ on Qoo10. You may use the products several times when you buy the entire bottle, but I think it's pretty inconvenient! 

2016 korean hairstyle review
My hair was first wrapped in cling wrap. Apart from magazines, there is also free wi-fi available at the salon. Do not be deceived by the english words on the magazine, my first time reading Cosmopolitan in KOREAN! 

2016 korean hairstyle singapore review
Medusa in the making!
I was on the hair curling machine for about an hour. It may be quite a torture for sleepyheads like myself— I kept dozing off and the machine kind of pulled my hair back. Honestly, they should put this in every classroom for students who can't stay awake!

Immediate aftermath of the curls

korean makeover singapore
As much as I love this Victorian hairstyle look, I think it's not very suitable for today's context. Yoona simply brushed my hair and the curls loosened quite easily.

Before & After Korean Natural Loose Curls

I'm really happy with the results! It looks a little different from Jihye's hairstyle because my fringe is shorter and I haven't dye my hair yet. Overall, my hair is shorter too!

Korean Natural Loose Curls CCA Hair Salon
Comparing Jihye's hairstyle and mine
Korean stylists digital perm singapore
With straight hair (left); with curly hair (right)

Korean Trendy Perm 2016
Finally, Korean see-through bangs!

korean setting perm natural curl singapore
Side-view of Korean Natural Curls

Korean natural wavy hair review
Back view: My hair (left) versus Jihye's hair  (Right)

CCAHair Salon Far East Plaza Review
Thank you Yoona for your friendliness and kindness!
If you're unsure about a suitable hairstyle for you, friendly Yoona is able to give really good advice and recommendations! She is also really experienced as well.
Yoona CCAHair Korean Salon
Yoona (from E Tre Beau main branch)

CCAHair Salon Review
Singapore's CCAHAIR Team!

CCA Korean Hair Salon Promotion 2016

Read about the aftermath of my hair here!

korean hairstyle 2016 female

Hair Stylist: Yoo Na
Manager / Translator: Do Yeon Han

Read my previous blog post here: http://www.littletinysun.com/2016/01/korean-hairstyle-2016-with-singapore.html

CCA7 Hair Korean Beauty Hair Salon

14 Scotts Road #02-92 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

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