Why I visited a home-based beauty service in Singapore: Creative Brow Embroidery Review

When it comes to beauty services, reviews and ratings are really important. This is because many services (except nail art, of course) could cause a permanent impact on your physical appearance, such as hair and skin. Recently, Vanitee contacted me to try their mobile application and I was pretty blown away. Read on to find out how you can receive a VanityTrove beauty set (worth $30) for FREE (valid till 14 February).

vanitee mobile app review singapore
Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D
Vanitee is the online booking destination for quality beauty services from sought-after independent and emerging artists. It's really easy to use!
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It was my very first time trying out a home-based beauty service! It seems that Vanitee is setting a new trend— online booking for beauty services will be really common in the future. As I am EXTREMELY busy with school and work, I've decided to book an eyebrow session with a home-based artist, @lilieye.

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See genuine and authentic reviews

Firstly, there were TWENTY FOUR 5-star ratings and the reviews of her work were pretty stellar. In fact, I didn't have to worry about whether the reviews were fake. You can only review the beautician's services if you have paid and completed the booking!

Extensive portfolio of her previous work

Lilieye even has a portfolio of the work that she previously did! It's quite rare to see a portfolio of a beautician's services in an actual shop.

Booking can be made as fast as next day (depends on availability)

I've asked if it's possible to do my brows the following day, and thankfully she was available! In fact, this is a really great app for busy people because the timing is quite flexible.

Enquire as much as you wish

If you have a lot of questions, there is actually a FAQ section for each beautician's services. You may also raise your concerns by chatting with the beautician individually. Lilieye was really prompt in her replies.

creative eyebrow embroidery review singapore
Difference between creative eyebrow embroidery and eyebrow embroidery

creative eyebrow embroidery review singapore

Best price for creative eyebrow embroidery

Try googling the prices for creative eyebrow embroidery and see if you can beat the price of S$250.00 NETT. No GST and no service charge. The current market price for such a service is AT LEAST $480++... with some above $1280++. This is a really no-frills kind of service— so don't expect a cup of hot tea or victorian cushion chairs. I don't mind leaving these out (it's not necessary, in my opinion), because it means that you're not paying for the beautician's rental costs, marketing costs, admin charges and all the other furniture required.

creative eyebrow embroidery review singapore
Before and after Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

I'm quite satisfied with my new brows — though indeed it is really a challenge to maintain it. As you can see from the above picture, my skin turned really, really red. This is because my skin is REALLY SENSITIVE, and I've mentioned it in my previous post for Benefit Brow Bar waxing. Anyway, she did give me some after-care products to prevent water from seeping through it. It got better the next day.

I shall describe the entire process in detail:

1. I arrived at 8pm even though I was supposed to reach her house at 7.30pm. Oh yes, some beauticians do allow house calls as well!

2. Upon arriving, she was really welcoming and friendly. She was really good in English even though she was from Mainland China.

3. She asked me to sit on the piano bench, and shared that she will shape my brows and show me the design first before we do the embroidery. She asked the type of brown design I'm looking for (straight, thin or curved). I wanted the straight brows as I love to watch Korean dramas :P
Note: It might feel quite uncomfortable at times as her housemates would come home (but they'll go their respective rooms).

4. After shaping and drawing the brows, she showed me how it would look in the mirror. Apparently, she has a decade worth of experience as she used to work in a shop. She started working freelance after giving birth to her child!

5. She went on to put the numbing cream— which had a cooling sensation. Some customers choose not to have the numbing cream because they have ultra sensitive skin. Of course, I'd rather have the numbing cream because I've a low threshold for pain! After about 15 minutes, she cleaned the cream off.

6. I was told to lie down on the sofa with my head propped against a pillow. As my eyes were closed, I asked if she has started the embroidery. She laughed and said that she's actually doing it! Honestly, I really couldn't FEEL anything!

7. However, the effects of the numbing cream started to wear off during the last 15 minutes and I do feel slight pain. It's quite bearable!

8. The process is done after 1.5 hours. She told me it'll take about 1 hour but do give yourself at least 1.5 hours.

Photo taken 2 days after the creative brow embroidery:

Vanitee mobile app review singapore

creative brow embroidery review singapore 2016

korean eyebrow embroidery singapore

Overtime, the brows faded and turned to a more natural colour (brown instead of black) to match my hair colour!

Receive a FREE Beauty Kit from VanityTrove (worth $30) when you do the following:

1. Download Vanitee on your App Store / PlayStore
2. Make any booking (nails, makeup, hair, facial and more) through the app
3. Key in promo code SHERMAINECNY to redeem!

Booking must be made by 14 February 2016! My brow designer was @lilieye.

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