Get rid of body aches and enjoy CleanSlim treatment with Body Contour Singapore

When I was younger, I never understood why older people kept complaining of aches in their body. Hunching over in front of a computer and typing a 200-page report has given birth to all sort of aches in my body, especially the ones in my neck and shoulder area. After gaining more exposure in TCM last year, I was more open to the idea of having a TCM Body Wellness treatment. Read more to find out why I got pepperoni on my shoulders.
BodyContour Raffles Town Club review
'Pepperoni' treatment on my shoulders

This was a media invitation to learn more about the different treatments that Body Contour offer, as well as to try out one of their award-winning sessions. We tried Guasha, cupping and a vibrating machine. 

Guasha review

Photo: Every18thofJune
Look at me smiling so happily! It was really very shiok. Guasha is a physical therapy technique known for treating stiffness, pain, fever, chills, coughs, nausea and more. I'm not sure if the effectiveness has been proven scientifically, but this technique has been passed down from centuries ago.


It's easy to mistaken the above liquid for mayonnaise— but its' actually a moisturising balm that helps to burn fats as well.

According to the speaker, the equipment for the cupping cannot be purchased elsewhere. They even have this technological beauty kit for Bluetooth cupping. You can conveniently do cupping as and when you like, and the speaker even bring the suction cups around. How I wish we could purchase those suction cups as I've got immediate relief of my shoulder aches. Yes, immediate.
Cupping treatment

The cupping imprints lasted for about 2-3 days, so do cover up should you require to do at more visible locations!

Vibrating machine

 Many of the bloggers loved the vibrating machine. According to them, it makes them feel like sleeping. However, I guess my short legs made me feel uncomfortable... especially in my knees! The machine is for blood circulation purposes and it doesn't just shake your legs, it actually shakes your entire body as well. This is great for those who stand or sit for long hours eh?

I booked a CleanSlim appointment with BodyContour last month and I must say it was a very mixed experience. Firstly, the outlet is extremely difficult to find (perhaps because of the poor directions from the Raffles Town Club information staff). I went all the way up to the old outlet, only to find a sign saying that they've moved. The instructions? "Please take lift no. 1 to the spa level for your appointments. Thank you". I searched high and low, east to west for the lift and couldn't find it. Finally, it was located at a hidden basement near the gym. *cries* Thankfully, I reached an hour earlier for my appointment so I was on time. 
BodyContour Singapore review
The waiting area was really gorgeous with the tiled walls, carpeted floors and soft lighting. The staff ushered me to my private shelf and requested a change of clothes...

There was a bathrobe, towel, hanger, plastic container, shower cap and a tube dress. Intuitively, I changed into the tube dress because my previous massage /facial experiences usually require us to change into a towel. Here's a detailed walk-through of my experience.

Selfie in the gigantic changing room 
#ootd because the environment was really relaxing
 I'd love to take a dip into the jacuzzi pool, but there was a sign which said that the pool is closed. I'm not sure if it's because I went about 7.30pm (the last appointment of the day).
A huge spa to chill thereafter
 The greatest advantage is the space— I really loved the high, lofty ceilings that you don't get elsewhere.

Clean bathrobes and towels

Contact lens solution, a comb and cotton pads/cotton buds with tissue
 I liked how detailed they are with the customer's needs. There are plenty of mirrors and ample space for you to do your make-up after your treatment.

Shower facilities with soap
CleanSlim review
My therapist, Angel, was a really sociable and down-to-earth lady. It was really easy to talk to her, but it seems like she does not know the science behind the treatment well. According to her, she says she's just doing whatever she is taught but it seems to work. That's because there are repeated customers who even go for treatments up to 3 or 4 times per week!
Firstly, she rubbed some massage oil all over the body before proceeding to do some accupressure. She then did cupping and guasha, followed by the vibration machine. It was so comfortable that I am pretty sure I snored, haha. I felt really reinvigorated after the treatment.

Aside from feeling refreshed, I noticed that I peed excessively over the next few hours. It seems like the toxins in the body were getting flushed out and I had such a good night sleep. However, this feeling of relaxation only lasted a day as I stressed over projects and assignments... *sighs* 

BodyContour is also the only beauty salon that carries Murad products... and this gives them so much credibility because Murad is a really famous beauty brand.

Would I recommend the CleanSlim treatment to others? Definitely! but do go early for your first treatment in case you get lost like me. I'm not sure if it does help you to slim down, but it did make me feel refreshed and reinvigorated. 

CleanSlim is priced at $280 per session for 60 minutes.

Raffles Town Club

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