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I'm so sorry for the long hiatus— I've been so busy with my final-year project that I could hardly find time to share about my life! Anyway, I visited Expressions a month ago on 3rd February to try out their facial. As you may know from my previous posts, I have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. Due to the hectic lifestyle as a blogger, student and research assistant, I can hardly find time to treat my skin. Hence, I'm really surprised at what a one-time facial session can do at Expressions (and last a month till now)! Scroll down to find out more about the 10% promotion at Expressions!

Expressions International Storefront
When I first entered Expressions, I was greeted by two staff. They asked me to wait while they check on my appointment, and one of them served me tea. They also handed me a form that require me to report on my skin condition, as well as medical history. Honestly, I was really nervous because I knew my skin condition was really awful... you could say that I felt like I was getting a verdict from the court or receiving my medical report from the doctor. As they review my form, I looked around and found that Expressions carry a lot of their very own products.

Hydrating Facial Treatment Set

A shelf of various Expression Products
I was then led to a simple, clean room. I really liked how they kept it really simple— no fanciful wallpapers or decorations. It is really to my preference because I am here for the treatment, and the additional frills can be quite frivolous.

Facial Treatment Room
The therapist was quite quick in the facial process. She first started with cleaning off the excess oil and make-up on my face before proceeding with cleansing. Then she went on to exfoliate, put on a hot steamer to open up the pores, before proceeding with extraction.

And then... I fell asleep. She didn't use a lot of strength in her extraction, yet she was able to skilfully remove all the pus and dirt from my pores! 

She proceeded with a clay mask and I continued sleeping. The facial ended with a moisturiser and some sunscreen (as I went there in the afternoon).


Before (left); After (right)
As you can see above, I had a lot of pimples around my chin area. I promise you that the photo taken on the right is definitely NOT photoshopped as it was taken at my uncle's house on Feb 8 (5 days after the facial). 


The lighting  in the room is quite bad— but my face felt really, really light. It's as if those months/years of dirt has finally been washed away from my skin! I also found that the coarse grains on my face was smoother and it also appears that my skin is probably 1 or half shade lighter. Oh yes, they provide a tube dress so don't worry about what to wear for the facial :) 

I really hope to visit Expressions once more! :)

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Expressions Orchard
121 Penang Road #01-02 Regency House
Singapore 238464
Tel: 6235 9890
10:30 am - 8:30 pm Mon - Fri
10:00 am - 5:30 pm Sat - Sun
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