How much are you willing to spend on your marriage? #backtoido

One thing that has always left me baffled is the amount of money couples are willing to spend on their marriage. When you ask a married couple if they're interested to join a 2-hours marriage enrichment programme for $100, they'd probably say no. Yet, couples could easily spend up to $20-30k or more on their 'big day'.  It's difficult for us to see that our relationships, especially the ones closest to us, need grooming and watering. Back to "I Do" is a campaign that shows how important it is to continuously strengthen your marriage, because a strong marriage can help a couple overcome trials and tribulations.
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I attended a few of Back to "I Do" events, including the roadshows and the Couples' Retreat.

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Event of the Day — Back to "I Do"

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Their activities really promote the dating days— you know, those days where you spend time doing interesting activities and learning more about each other. 

Back to "I Do" Couples Retreat Singapore
Back to "I Do" Couples Retreat
Wow, full house for the couples' retreat! The talks were really witty and interesting as well. I learned that the love language of my partner was same as mine :D

Back to "I Do" Couples Retreat Singapore
Couples' Retreat

Mossiomto grow your own mossarium

Learning how to massage your partner is a really wonderful, intimate activity. I think massage not only helps the body to relaxes, but it also helps your soul to connect to one another and remove toxins. Thanks to Sharifah from Flare wellness, I managed to pick up a few tips that could help my dear dear relax.

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Caffeine lovers can go back to the time where they used to have coffee dates— this time, they were even able to brew their own cuppa of coffee with Alliance Coffee.
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One of my favourite activities was the sushi-making by Kinsa Sushi.
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I met another couple at the CulinaryON MasterClass during Valentine's Day— the husband is a wonderful, excellent cook and the wife is in awe of him. Apparently, they left their children at home to spend some quality time together. It's these little things that touch my heart, and I am heartened to see that there are couples who continue to engage themselves in such activities. 
CulinaryON Masterclass review

I also received a goodie bag filled with delightful items meant for us as a couple. The amount of work that we did was surprisingly tremendous!
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Though the retreat lasted six hours, it was indeed an enjoyable time. I'd be more than happy to have such enrichment programmes in the future!
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