[Visiting Japan] Fantastic food from Japan's Tohuku region

Previously on my Instagram post, I mentioned that Cheeserland shared her personal review of food products from the Tohoku region. I'd wish that I had the courage to venture out into the unknown last year— should I have known about Tohoku's attractiveness for a tourist, I'd have packed my bags and head straight to that region. Yes, there's just SO much more to Japan than Tokyo, Hokkaido and Kyoto. In the Tohoku "Full Bloom" Food Cooking & Tasting media event at ABC Cooking Studio, I was mind-blown by the superb culture and produce from the Tohoku region. Read on to find out more how you can enjoy a trial class at ABC Cooking Studio at only $35 (U.P: $48).

1. Iwate Marine Products

japan tohoku fukushima review
Fresh seafood abound: Iwate Marine products
Iwate has one of the best fishing grounds worldwide. This is because the Japan current from the south means the Okhotsk Current from the north, which then mixes with the southward-bound Tsugaru Warm Current. You can find Nanbu bent-nose salmon from October to December, a fish that is a popular symbol of autumn among locals. In September and October, look forward to Pacific Saury. Those with an exotic tastebuds would love the Japanese flying squid available from July to December!

2. One of the most delicious Japanese rice varieties in Japan

japan tohoku fukushima review

Did you know that the Japanese has invented an astounding array of advanced rice cookers? One of the most special ones are from Nanbu in Iwate prefecture. It uses a special iron and costs about 135,000 yen (S$1,684)

japanese onigiri rice
Onigiri (Rice Ball)
Iwate's rice remains delicious and springy even when it is cold. Use the Hitomebore to make a onigiri with distinctive flavour and aroma. This grade of rice has received the Special A ranking in rice gourmet for 18 times!!!
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Other rice varieties include Akita Komachi, which can be used for Futomaki (rice roll), Donpishari for raw egg on rice and Iwatekko for rice with chestnut. Ah... I'm surprised that there could be so many times of Japanese rice!

3. Japan's soul food - Japanese Sake

japanese sake fukushima review
Fukushima sakae
Fukushima is Japan's third largest prefecture. The contrasting day and night temperatures, 'good' water, locally grown high-quality rice and committed sake brewers make the Fukushima-brewed sake one of the finest around. In fact, I was just watching a video about Fukushima where one of the breweries were hit by the tsunami... the boss decided to continue opening his brewery at another part of the prefecture even though there are enough supply to meet the demand. He shared that it was the support of the locals that made him continue doing what he does best!

japanese sake tohoku review
After trying the exquisite Sake from TOHOKU, I gained greater appreciation for such a fine drink. In fact, they even have a Sakae Samurai... we were given a talk by one of the third/fourth-generation sake samurai, and she shared about the different flavour profiles that ranged from light to full-bodied flavour and different fragrances.

4. Fresh, locally-grown fruits

tohoku food review singapore
Photo: Cheeserland
I drooled when reading Cheeserland's posts about her trip to Tohoku region. Basically, all food products have a label 'tested and safe' before it reaches the consumers. The prefectural government took a full review and implemented radiation monitoring, thus partnering relevant organisations. 

tohoku region food
Photo: Cheeserland
Look how FRESH they are— I like how they provide samples for you to try!

Find out more about the various offerings— meat, dried products, vegetables, fruits and more— from Tohoku's region. You may find their products at all Isetan outlets, Takashimaya and ABC Cooking Studio!

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