A review about Bellezza Aesthetics Oxyjet facial

Most of us suffer from skin problems in one way or another— enlarged pores, dark circles, blackheads, white heads, pimples, zits, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, dry or oily skin and more. Three weeks ago, I tried the Oxyjet facial at Bellezza Aesthetics' relocated outlet and the results were, I'd say, really good. Read on to find out how you can redeem a trial session at Bellezza Aesthetics inclusive of a skin analysis scan.
Bellezza Aesthetics Oxyjet facial review

The results: Three weeks later

I think the results looked pretty good because there are less bumps (still quite a bit of acne scars left, but concealer works like magic). Usually, I'd still have zits showing through the concealer!
Bellezza Aesthetics Oxyjet facial review
Results (with make-up on).
I started having problematic sensitive combination acne-prone skin six years ago because of a facial recommended by my friend. This made me more hesitant to have regular facials. My experienced with Bellezza was quite different.
Bellezza Aesthetics wheel lock place singapore
Bellezza's tray
It was really difficult for me to fix an appointment with them because my schedule is usually packed back-to-back. I'm glad to have Diane Lee, the director, who was quite accommodating. Before the facial at Bellezza, they gave some delicious Lotus Biscoff (my favourite snack), a warm cup of tea and hot towel. It was a pretty nice additional touch— as most facial places that I've previously went to would only serve tea.

Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place singapore
Products on the shelves

The rooms where the consultants typically sell their services and packages to customers (aka the waiting area as well) have see-through glasses, and this made me feel quite secure because other beauty salons usually have rooms with doors— and they kind of block the doorway and prevent you from going out. Bellezza's transparency is indeed admirable and made me feel comfortable.
Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place singapore
The 'waiting' room
After calming my nerves with the fragrant tea and enjoying my biscoff, I was shown to my room. Honestly, it felt like I was going on a staycation at a resort. The grey wallpapers and sparkly lights dotting the ceilings and it seemed like they paid great attention to the interior design. At this point, I was pretty looking forward to my facial!

Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place interior design
Interior design
Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place facial room
Bellezza Aesthetics facial room

Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place interior design
There's also much room to place your bag!

Bellezza Aesthetics wheellock place review
Bellezza Aesthetics Robe

The robe and bed was really clean— and I particularly like how you wear the robe using buttons instead of strings. I recall that strings are usually the norm for most facial places.
Bellezza Aesthetics wheel lock place review
Button robe

Bellezza Aesthetics wheel lock place review
Absolutely wonderful interior design

Pictures of 'before' the facial

 WARNING!!! Here comes the ugly pictures :P
singapore before and after facial
Left cheek
singapore before and after facial
Right cheek

review about Bellezza Aesthetics Oxyjet facial
During the facial process— where I was blindfolded and took a photo without seeing. I can finally do it!
I wished I could take pictures of the entire process as there were just too many steps to recall.  She first removed my makeup, and then did the usual cleansing. My skin felt supple and soft. She went on with exfoliation, and I could feel a lot of dirt being removed. I really loved how my skin can finally 'breathe'.

After that, she went on with extraction. I had a really huge blackhead that has been stuck there for really long, and she skilfully removed it without any scars. I must really, really thank her for that. There were some parts which really hurt, especially around the chin area. I did squirm, teared, complained to her that some sensitive areas really hurt, and she didn't continue extracting when I told her not to. This is unlike other facial places (sorry, I have to make comparisons because these are experiences that I'd love to share with you) who continue squeezing the death out of the pimple even when it hurts like mad— leaving scars that NEVER seem to heal.

Oxyjet Treatment

Hmm... I have a love-hate relationship with the oxyjet. Basically, the beautician would use an oxygen pump to pump in oxygen into your skin. I really love this part— it made me fall asleep because of the rhythmic sounds of pumping.

THEN, she started blasting oxygen into my face at really high-speed. At this point, I felt like I couldn't breathe and had to close my eyes really tightly. Whenever I try to breathe, I felt like I was drowning in highly-concentrated oxygen. I did share with her that I couldn't breathe, and she did try to avoid my nose and mouth area. Thankfully, the latter experience was over rather quickly as I believe she could tell that I was quite uncomfortable with it.
However, once she stopped the oxyjet, my face felt really refreshed. I've never felt it so supple and 'pumped up' before. If only there was a normal oxygen tube attached to my mouth so that she can blast more oxygen into my skin... haha!

Silky Collagen Hand Treatment

bellezza aesthetics silky collagen hand treatment
Silky Collagen Hand Treatment
For smoother, fairer, wrinkle free hands
There was also the silky collagen hand treatment, and I absolutely, absolutely, love love this. She wrapped this wonderfully magical plant placenta hot mask around my arms and hands. It was really comfortable. When she removed the wax, my hands felt really moisturised and beautifully shiny. She also gave me a hand massage using plant placenta collagen cream. It's a great boost for dry and ageing skin!

Pictures of 'after' the facial

bellezza aesthetics oxyjet facial review
Without powder/concealer: You can still see some slight bumps, but a lot lesser!
Anyway, my skin looked a lot fairer and more 'plump'. Forgive my limited vocabulary, but it's hard to describe these new feelings that I've never felt before. There was this one time where I wasn't wearing makeup and my partner asked me if I actually whitened my skin, because it looked really fair!
bellezza aesthetics oxyjet facial review

bellezza aesthetics oxyjet facial review

[PROMO] Bellezza Aesthetics is offering a trial session at $38 inclusive of a skin analysis scan.  Simply mention 'littletinysun' to enjoy the offer.

T & C:
- First time customers of Bellezza Aesthetics of age 18 and above
- Valid for Singaporean, PR, S-pass and WP holder only

Call 6223 2533 to book an appointment.

Bellezza Aesthetics

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