How three people ate NINE dishes at GREAThai

Most of us have experienced tucking into nine-course meals at wedding dinners for a table of ten or more— so for three of us to tackle nine thai dishes is definitely no mean feat. We were invited to a tasting session by Daryl, founder of GREAThai. The restaurant caters to the residents who live nearby, but I think their food is worth travelling for. I'm surprised that the restaurant is actually within walking distance from Great World City!
GREAThai Singapore Review
Nine-course meal at GREATHai
I was really excited to try GREAThai because my brother, who lives around River Valley area, shared that their food is really good. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find great food places when you hang out with your muslim friends— so I'm happy to know that GREAThai is halal-certified.
GREAThai Singapore River Valley Review
I stood outside admiring the beautiful, colourful decorations that were pretty much trademarks of Thai's architecture. We weren't sure if we had to wait to be seated, so we stood outside the restaurant for quite awhile. It was only after about five minutes that my partner and I decided to enter the restaurant, which was dimly-lit and had a really nice ambience. 
GREAThai Singapore Food Review
Greathai Restaurant
The wait staff, who eventually saw us, were quite friendly and showed us to our seats, introducing the various menu items. We asked them for their recommendations and the manager proceeded with keying the orders into an electronic iPad.

Mango Salad — S$9.90

GREAThai Mango Salad Review Singapore
A sweet, fragrant cleanly-shaved mango salad with lots of nuts

GREAThai Mango Salad Review Singapore
Mango salad
Each strip of mango is evenly sliced, making every bite consistent and satisfying. The crunch of the riped mangoes are extremely welcoming to the palate, and my partner lamented about how surprised he was that this could taste so good. This is because we've tried many mango salad before and they're usually too sour, and this was in perfect balance.

Handmade Spring Roll — S$9.90

GREAThai Handmade spring roll Review Singapore
Must-try homemade spring rolls
I wish they could replace Love Letters and spring rolls during Chinese New Year with these. Their homemade spring rolls are EXTREMELY crispy, yet juicy inside. You won't get sick of these, really. I had two of these (and secretly wished for more).

GREAThai Handmade spring roll Review Singapore
Longest spring roll ever eaten

Stuffed Chicken Wings — S$9.90

Stuffed Chicken Wings Greathai review
Stuffed Chicken Wing

When the stuffed chicken wings came, my stomach juices growled like no other. This is the signal of an awaken hungry monster, waiting to pounce on those wings! It was the first dish I devoured (after taking photographs and all), and it's definitely a must-order! Stuffed with fish paste, the chicken wings complements GREAThai's sweet chili sauce. 

Greathai stuffed chicken wings singapore
Stuffed Chicken Wing

Steamed Fish with Hot Lemon Sauce— $32.90 

Steam Fish with Hot Lemon Sauce singapore
Steamed fish with hot lemon sauce
 Fellow blogger, Babette said that the snapper cooked in lemon sauce was one of his personal favourites.  This flavourful dish is topped with lime, spices, chili and more. It was pretty fragrant and really fresh.

Tom Yum with Stick Noodle — S$11.90

best tom yum singapore
Tom Yum with Stick Noodles
The broth is excellent — combining strong citrusy flavours that eventually grow into a fiery flavour with each spoonful.

Phat Thai Seafood — S$12.30

GREAThai Phat Thai seafood
Phat Thai— a traditional thai dish featuring rice noodles, octopus, prawns and eggs
Need your carbs? Make Phat Thai seafood your choice. I must applaud them for their efforts to clean the intestinal tract of the prawns and removing the shells— not many places do both together. It is a stellar dish, really flavourful and fragrant.

GREAThai Phat Thai seafood

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice — S$10.90

GREAThai Pineapple Fried Rice
Thai pineapple fried rice
One of my favourites is a simple yet hearty dish of thai pineapple fried rice. I always love how the different sweet and salty flavours combine together to form the dish— whoever discovered the combination of cashew nuts, pineapples and pork floss should be rewarded a Nobel prize! The texture of the rice was really excellent— not too mushy yet moist!

GREAThai Pineapple Fried Rice
GREATHAI Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai Milk Tea — S$4.30

GREAThai Thai Milk Tea
Thai Milk Tea
I wouldn't mind just stopping by for Thai Milk Tea at GREAThai. The sweetness of the condensed milk was not too overpowering, hence I could still taste the strong tea flavours.

Lime Rose Drink — S$3.90

lime rose drink greathai
Lime Rose Drink
We feedback to the manager that the drink was too sweet— so you'd love this if you have a penchant for sweet drinks.

Some of the misses include the green chicken (S$11.90) and the mixed vegetables (S$10.90). These dishes weren't too stellar in our opinion, as the green chicken was quite salty and the mixed vegetables were a little raw yet soggy because of the gravy. However, the mushrooms in the mixed vegetables were really fresh and good! They gave a pretty generous amount of ingredients for both dishes. Anyway, you can't have 100% perfection in every dish. I'd love to give those a try again next time when I'm around the area! :)

greathai river valley singapore
GreaThai at River Valley

GREAThai Outlets

430 Upper Changi Road, #01-06 Singapore 487048
T: 6702 7707

413 River Valley Road Singapore 24831
T: 6732 7707

Thanks Greathai for the tasting invitation! It was a really great dining experience.

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