My thoughts on plastic surgery:
Venus Versa pre-review

Recently, The Straits Times shared an article about the economic value of physical appearances. Good-looking people actually earn more than the not-so-good looking ones. I had a discussion with my research prof from Korea and she mentioned that plastic surgery is really common in Korea because the competition is extremely intense. Everyone has a similar CV in their job application. They're great in studies, excellent in co-curricular activities and have multiple talents. Thus, it's a norm for employers to look at the appearance of the candidates and 'sieve' the good-looking ones from the rest.

I think the situation in Singapore is turning to be like Korea's. With the rise of gorgeous fashion and beauty bloggers, I know quite a few schoolmates who have openly admitted going under the knife. Their plastic surgery ranges from simpler procedures such as creating double eyelids to major operations like a change in jaw structure. 
Natural beauty/fashion icon, Melissa Koh, so so sooooo happy to be able to finally meet her at Kate Spade's event! *squeals*
Some of us wouldn't think of going under the knife for many reasons. It could be spiritual reasons, a low-risk appetite etc. I'd prefer non-invasive treatments to plastic surgery because it's less drastic. I think plastic surgery is a great medical solution for people who are experiencing setbacks in society because of their physical looks— sadly, research has shown that ugly defendants are 'more likely to end up guilty than attractive ones'.

Having very little knowledge of beauty and aesthetics, I wanted to learn more from Dr. Tal Nachlieli, Israel's top plastic surgeon at the Venus Versa launch event. Dr Tal is the surgeon for Mor Maman, winner of Miss Israel 2014 and contestant of Miss World 2014.

Dr. Tal shared his experiences in operating with Asian girls— they basically want to look like these: V-shaped, big eyes and sharp nose. This is totally different from the Caucasians and Israeli, who generally prefer a flatter nose, bigger boobs, less wrinkles, tighter skin etc. However, he felt that one of the biggest problem asian girls face is the problem of acne scars (oh gosh, that's so true because I have lots of them!).
With Dr. Tal Nachlieli
I'm happy to learn that there are non-invasive treatments such as Venus Viva, Venus Freeze, Venus Legacy and Venus Swan. Basically, Venus Versa (the latest technology) combines all TEN applications that covers the most in-demand treatments today. Let me just zoom in at the Venus Viva function of the Venus Versa, since it actually addresses my concern of acne scars!

What are some benefits of Venus Viva?

  • - Reduced Pores
  • - Reduced Textural Irregularities
  • - Softened Wrinkles
  • - Diminished Wrinkles
  • - Diminished & Tightened Lax Skin

I was initially quite doubtful when he presented the 'before and after' photos of patients that went through Venus Viva overseas. There are photoshop geniuses out there you know.
Results of Venus Viva (Before and after)
How does Venus Viva work?
The Venus Viva machine
The scientific explanation *gasps* : The Venus Viva operates with the revolutionary NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan technology that delivers results through selectional dermal heating. The use of NanoFractional RF delivers energy through the epidermis, to the dermis, rebuilding collagen and fibroblast stimulation, all resulting in tissue remodelling.

Venus brochures
In summary, Venus Viva uses a special type of frequency that reduces patient's discomfort. The "SmartScan" is able to penetrate skin-deep using heat thus changing your skin structure. Thus the 'downtime' is quite little— apparently, you'll be okay after 24 hours.

Venus Legacy for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, stretch mark reduction and body contouring

My doubt turned to wonderment as I saw with my own eyes how the machine changed the shape of another blogger's jaw after ten minutes. I've seen this with another beauty machine before (but it took longer than that). Actually, I wasn't sure if she used the Venus Versa machine or the Venus Legacy... pretty confused with the different terms, but I just want to see the results. :P

Venus "Legacy" Results: the side of the jaw with the arrow is more V-shaped than the other side!

I'll share with you my thoughts and feelings once I've tried the new technology!

With friendly Jan Jee (left) and Alvin (right) :)
Surprised to see Alvin at the event!


Venus Concept
About Venus Concept.   
Venus Concept is trusted by many aestheticians and has more than 3,000,000 Venus treatments performed each year, in over 50 countries worldwide. A leading developer and manufacturer of devices for the medical aesthetic market with profound knowledge and technology developed by a team of Israeli experts, the company is bent on providing high performance products that allow aesthetic practitioners to confidently offer effective, safe and lasting solutions to their clients.
My thoughts on plastic surgery:
Venus Versa pre-review
My thoughts on plastic surgery: <br>Venus Versa pre-review
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