Reviewing— here's what I've found.

Do you remember the very first time you read an article from TheSmartLocal? I guess you've probably read many of their guides. Somehow, I rarely visit their site as my boyfriend is an adventurous explorer so he's my Smart Local and the directory for the latest news. Today is my first time exploring, scrutinising and reviewing the site. Here's what I've observed: review website
The Smart Local

1. I'm clicking into every article because of their catchy headlines

Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Grads in Singapore

The greatest, noticeable characteristic about TheSmartLocal is their absolutely catchy headlines. Take this post for example: 11 Things To Do In Singapore To Make You Feel Like You're In Japan. I mean, I miss the time I had in Japan— so to experience Japan in Singapore made me click into it. Does this need to click into each article often happen to you too?

2. Clever placement in their advertisements

Kudos to the team who put in so much effort into their '10 Genius Spots for Beautiful Optical Illusions in Singapore'. Did you know that it was actually meant for advertising a camera? My friend shared how he once read a post about hiking in Singapore and noticed that there were different models of shoes from a particular brand in each photo. He was intrigued when he found that the article was purposefully curated for that particular brand of shoes.

3. The community tab— is it still alive?

TheSmartLocal Community
Initially excited to join the community, I found that it looks quite inactive and the weeds of spam are breeding in the community.
Some threads also go way back to 2014 (that's 2 years ago!). I really hope they could revive this community and build a strong core of really smart locals!

4.  The founder of SmartLocal seems like a really funny person

He's humorous. I wonder if Bryan's fashion has improved. There should be more posts about Bryan— I mean, I'd love to know more about the man who has developed such an ingenious website. He is the pride of the Singapore brand. Singapore Tourism Board should work with him.

5. Hmm... what do they not cover?

TheSmartLocal basically talks about everything except... politics
I actually spent four hours browsing their portal because there's just too many things that I want to read. They cover food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, sports, guides, and more. I think they're one of Singapore's best lifestyle website not just for locals, but also for tourists and expatriates.  However, I notice that they don't have much coverage on politics in Singapore. I guess there are news websites to discuss the issues plagued by Singaporeans.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with TheSmartLocal. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are purely my own.
Reviewing— here's what I've found. Reviewing— here's what I've found. Reviewed by Littletinysun on 2:31:00 PM Rating: 5

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