Top 10 MOST interesting candies in Singapore

Have you come across candies masquerading as crayons? Or bottles of medicated ointment?? How about professing your love for your beloved with a bouquet of chocolates? You can find all these, and more, at Sophisca, a specialty candy store originating from Taiwan!  Sophisca recently launched its Marina Square outlet, and I was there to see for myself the boggling range of funky, quirky goodies they are famous for. Let's have a look at some of the highlights! Read till the end to find out how you can win a box of candy crayons, as well as enjoy 10% OFF all Sophisca products.
Sophisca Crayon Candy Sticks
Crayon Candy Sticks

1. Currency candy

Sophisca Currency Candy
Too much cash on hand? Part with some in exchange for... more money :D

2. First-aid kit

Sophisca First Aid Kit

You'll never come across a more delicious bag of "medicines". This first-aid kit is chock full of some of the sweetest-tasting "medical supplies" you'll ever find. You'll never look at injuries and illnesses the same way again.

Sophisca Singapore First Aid Kit

3. Sanitary napkins

Sophisca Singapore Sanitary napkins

Introducing... the world's first and only unisex sanitary napkin! Yes, the incredible softness and plushness of these premium sanitary napkins can now be enjoyed not just by women during that time of the month. EVERYONE can pick up a pack, and at ANY time of the month! One-of-a-kind indeed. These highly-absorbent pads certainly come in handy for mopping up that drooling mouth of yours.

4. Candy bouquet

Sophisca Singapore Candy bouquet

Sick of receiving the ubiquitous bouquet of roses every Valentine's Day / birthday / anniversary? Impress your loved one with one of these unique candy bouquets! Indeed a novel way to express your heartfelt love to your partner.

5. Mahjong candybox

Sophisca Singapore Mahjong candybox

Mahjong is a common medium for many Chinese folk to bond with their friends and relatives during large hearty gatherings, such as Chinese New Year. Spice up your mahjong sessions with these mahjong candyboxes! Hopefully the sweets will help cushion the pain of seeing your money fly away to your relatives.

6. Candy pencils

Sophisca Singapore Candy pencil

Students out there, keep one of these in your pencil case and you will be more motivated to get down to writing your essays. Not only does the cutesy pig / panda / mouse brighten up your mood through the endless assignments, you can even gobble this up for a timely sugar boost midway through!

7. Brown rice sushi bento

Sophisca Brown rice “sushi bento”

A box of 25 dainty chocolate brown rice crispy treats, disguised as a party tray of sushi! Made with 100% natural brown rice, smothered with Belgium-imported white chocolate. Each piece of ‘nigiri sushi’ is individually wrapped to ensure freshness and hygiene. How much more kawaii can this get? Brown rice ‘sushi bento’ is a healthier snack for all ages, with non-fried fragrant brown rice that is chock full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre—more so than white rice! Every piece of ‘sushi’ is best enjoyed with a sense of humour and in the company of sugoi friends!

8. Couple candy

Sophisca couple candy singapore

Pick up a pair of these candies, packaged in wrappers imprinted with this dainty-looking couple. Perfect for all the lovebirds out there <3

9. Choco crayon candy 

Sophisca couple candy singapore

Realise your inner baker with these DIY ‘soft pens’, which you can use to jazz up your own bakes and sweet treats! Suitable for decorating chocolates, cakes, breads, toasts, biscuits and more. Each choco crayon set comes in twelve chocolate-flavoured vibrant colours with different flavours, ranging from white chocolate, lemon, honeydew, strawberry, blueberry and milk chocolate.

10. Medicated oil

Sophisca medicated oil singapore review

Sophisca medicated oil singapore review

Ah, this traditional all-in-one remedy for blocked noses, runny noses, stomach pains, etc. Now also a cure for another ailment: sugar withdrawal symptoms. Pick up one of these cure-it-alls from Sophisca, and your sugar cravings are sure to be resolved! 

Sophisca is well-known all over the world for its offbeat, even outrageous, take on otherwise mundane candies such as chocolates, candied fruits, bonbons, gummies and so on. With their latest range of offerings, they remain true to the aim of creating confectionery that is quirky and delightfully tongue-in-cheek. Their latest “sushi”, “crayons” and “coloured pens” are sure to induce smiles and happiness due to their deceptive packaging. Perfect presents to punk your friends and family!

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Sophisca Singapore Outlets
Changi Airport Terminal 3, Public Area #B2-42
Marina Square Mall #02-32
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