I stayed with an Airbnb Superhost and it was...

When it comes to travelling, I look for the true-blue local experience. This means living with a local, and living like one. I recently found out about the Airbnb SUPERHOST function and wondered what was the difference between a normal Airbnb place and another which wears the Superhost badge proudly. Thus, I decided to book a superhost when my partner and I had our spontaneous, unplanned grad trip in Auckland. We only booked the accommodation two days before the actual stay and it was the BEST! Here's why staying with an Airbnb super host is the best. Read more to find out how you can earn $50 off your first Airbnb booking.

airbnb superhost review
Living Room - Auckland

1. Eat breakfast like a local

Auckland airbnb review
Auckland, Wellington Airbnb Breakfast
If you think only hotels serve breakfast, you might be quite wrong. My superhost provided complimentary continental breakfast of delightful jam, milk, oats, coffee, tea and more! With a magazine in one hand and a cup of coffee in another, what else can we ask for?

2. King-sized bed with a comfortable quilt

Best airbnb new zealand
Our airbnb bed
Auckland is cold yet humid. You can expect your clothes to feel really moist. It was quite a killer combination because it's freezing at night. Thankfully, the electronic blanket helped to keep us warm. 
where to stay in new zealand
Bed in another room

3. Ample storage space 

where to stay in new zealand
I've previously booked a place where there wasn't enough drawers and cupboards. My superhost, Suzannah, made sure that we had enough storage space and gave us more than a dozen hangers!

4. Full access to kitchen for the cooks and bakers 

auckland airbnb kitchen cooking
All sorts of kitchen equipment available for your use!
Instead of a sponge, Suzannah uses a scrub (the kind we use for toilet bowls) to wash her dishes. I thought that it was so much easier to wash this way as you won't come into direct contact with the soap! A simple difference like that can actually make life so much easier!

auckland airbnb kitchen cooking
I wished we had more time to cook up a storm with all the fresh produce available in the market. With pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, I couldn't help but marvel at this ingenious way of saving storage space. Suzannah was also quite particular about recycling— and there was a bin specially for food recycling. Ah, if only we have such a practice back home as well!

5. Everything looks so 'Instagrammable'.

airbnb new zealand auckland review
Look no further if you're looking for inspiration— most superhosts have homes that looked like it was design specially for you. I spent 70% of my time in New Zealand at my airbnb home— because it felt like paradise.

6. Laze away with local TV programmes
I think we can understand a lot about a country's culture through TV programmes— the media perpetuates popular beliefs and help shape public opinion. You can find out a lot about their values, what they stand for, and how they behave just by watching a few hours of TV.

7. What's a holiday without a bathtub?

airbnb superhost function singapore review
Even my bathtub at home isn't so squeaky clean. I usually like to pay attention to little details such as the type of soap and lifestyle one has— so I was quite intrigued at the different types of body wash that she uses in a week. 

8. Look for a home with cats and dogs 

airbnb singapore review hotel hostel
One of the best feelings in the world is to have a cat sleeping soundly on your right, and a dog on your lap. It was extremely therapeutic, I could feel him dreaming with the little jerks and movements in his warm body. 
how to live like a local new zealand
Sleeping soundly after a therapeutic massage for them
immigration new zealand
Selfie with Louie — he's the cool guy who never fails to pose
living with an airbnb cats and dogs
Sorry kitty, but you're not allowed to go out today.

airbnb superhost review
Airbnb Superhost
In this trip, I also had a good talk with Suzannah about the living conditions in New Zealand. She was very open to sharing about her family and her life and it was definitely an eye-opener. The next time you want to book airbnb, try clicking on the 'superhost' filter!

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