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Where to eat on Father's day - Uncle Leong Signatures

Uncle Leong is an institution that keeps delivering— the family-owned chain of restaurants already have a cult-like following its latest restaurant— Uncle Leong Signatures. The experience at Uncle Leong Signatures is nothing short of terrific. There were new additions to their already extensive menu— including Cereal Chicken and Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce. Read on to find out about the three Father's Day menus specially curated for families looking for a seafood adventure.

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Uncle Leong Signatures

Signatures Curry Crab 招牌咖喱螃蟹 $70.00 (Father’s Day Menu) 

uncle leong signatures Signatures Curry Crab 招牌咖喱螃蟹
Crabs have always been an emblem of Uncle Leong's, and the spotlight is made greater with this curry crab. Some of the other bloggers mentioned that it was a tad too spicy, but there is always people who simply want to set their tongues on fire. 

uncle leong signatures Signatures Curry Crab 招牌咖喱螃蟹
Uncle Leong Signatures Curry Crab

Nescafe Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 $16.90 (Father’s Day Menu)

Nescafe Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 Singapore review
This is a love-hate dish for the caffeine-sensitive peeps (i.e: me, myself and I). The meaty flavours of the pork ribs are further intensified by the strong coffee flavour, resulting in a glorious pork rib that is of heavenly indulgence. However, I suffered the terrible aftermath of having to sleep only at dawn... Though I must say, I'm probably one of the few who is ultra sensitive to caffeine. 

Nescafe Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 Singapore review
The pork ribs were marinated for at least 4 hours with a special blend and stewed with aluminum foils to keep the intensity of the flavour.

Shimmering Sand Crab 金沙螃蟹 $70.00 

Shimmering Sand Crab 金沙螃蟹 review
Shimmering Sand Crab
A favourite among regulars, the shimmering sand crab has just the right balance between savoury and sweet. The crab is thoroughly soaked and marinated in a creamy, buttery gravy and gives off a lovely aroma from the curry leaves.
Shimmering Sand Crab 金沙螃蟹 review

Uncle Leong Signatures Punggol Waterway Point

Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce 干煎虾禄 $19.90 (New)

Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce 干煎虾禄
It's always a challenge for chefs to make stir-fried prawns aesthetically appealing. The culinary team at Uncle Leong Signatures pieced their dish like a puzzle, using both tomatoes and cucumbers to hold the prawns. Visuals aside, the prawns were succulent and beneath the sauce lies a beautiful pink blush. One just can't get enough of it!

Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby 奶沙顺壳 $48.00 (Father’s Day Menu)

Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby 奶沙顺壳
I was particularly disturbed by the expression of the Goby, as if it was screaming as it breathes its last. Disturbing expressions aside, the fish is topped with bits of crunchy floss (I couldn't tell if it was chicken, pork or fish floss) that would blow dad away.

Cereal Chicken 麦片鸡 $16.90 (New)

Uncle Leong Signatures Cereal Chicken 麦片鸡
It's hard not to be addicted to this dish— digging into the cereal chicken is the new drug. Beware, this dish might be gone in a flash!

XO Sauce with Scallops [XO 酱带子] $19.90 (New)

XO Sauce with Scallops [XO 酱带子]
Bring out the XO Sauce and you get a moist, juicy scallop with an elevated flavour profile. I only had two pieces before it was gone in a flash!

Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐 $16.90 (New) 

Uncle Leong Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐
Don't miss this soft and silky tofu filled with luscious diced seafood in the middle. I dearly miss this dish.

Uncle Leong Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐

Twin Taste Kai Lan 双味芥兰 $15.90

Uncle Leong Twin Taste Kai Lan
Kai lan: Cantonese for Chinese broccoli 
Eaten widely in chinese cuisine, the nutritious, crunchy leafy green is topped with dried shrimps and kale on its side.

Uncle Leong Father's Day 2016 Menu

1. Feasting with our Hero, Dad!

This menu will include the Fried Garlic Cheesy Crab, Crab Shark Fin Soup, Indonesian Fried Marble Goby, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Nescafe Pork Ribs, Fragrance Seafood Fried Rice and Longan Sea Coconut. Priced at $338++ for up to 7pax.

2. Indulge yourself, Dad, our HERO! 

This menu includes the signature Chilli Crab, Butter Cheesy Crab, Dried Scallops Crab Shark Fin Soup, Hong Kong Steamed Red Garoupa, Twin Taste Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Chicken, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Crab Meat Fragrance Fried Rice and Yam Paste. Price at $588++ for up to 10pax.

3. The Grand Hero Spread! 

Enjoy the popular favourite Shimmering Sand Crab, Signature Curry Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Braised Abalone with Mushroom, Red Garoupa with Steamed Chye Poh, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Chicken, Twin Taste Kai Lan, Guinness Pork Ribs, XO Sauce Assorted Clams and Yam Paste. Priced at $888++ for up to 14pax.

Uncle Leong Signatures

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