Falling in love with vegetarian food: Elemen review

It's been a year since Elemen last opened, and the restaurant has remained a strong competitor for SuFood. This modern meat-free/vegetarian restaurant is popular among a close knit community of vegetarians. The food was not only good, the service were remarkable as well. We were given a 3-hour time limit as the table was reserved for another large group after us. Also, read till the end to find out how you can get $10 OFF your bill with a link.
Elemen vegetarian restaurant millenia walk review

8-Course Set: SGD$32.80

Elemen 8-course meal review
Don't be overwhelmed by the 8-course meal— it's actually quite an easy portion to digest with its bite-size platter. I thought that this gives us a wide variety of nutrition and it saves us a lot of time from deciding on what to purchase. Otherwise, you could also order a la carte as follows.

The element Appetizer — S$4.80

Elemen review element appetizer
From right to left: Button mushroom with Edamame in light soy sauce, black sesame tofu in with alfalfa sprouts and cherry tomato in plum sauce
The appetiser may change depending on the ingredients available. It's always useful to start with the dish that is lighter on your palate or your tastebuds won't enjoy the best experience. This dish got me really excited for more!
Elemen review element appetizer
Button mushroom with edamame in light soy sauce
Black sesame tofu with alfalfa sprouts
Black sesame tofu with alfalfa sprouts
A crisp flavourful coating, the semi-firm black sesame tofu has a striking presentation when topped with alfalfa sprouts. Please give me one huge serving of this!

Rosemary Breadsticks with Raspberry yoghurt sauce (3 pcs) — S$2.80

Rosemary breadsticks review
Rosemary breadsticks (top right-hand size)
You'd expect the breadstick to be soft and chewy, but it has a texture like a biscotti. Hard and crunchy, I didn't enjoy the breadsticks as much.

Mushroom Salad — S$5.80

Mushroom salad review singapore
Large serving of mushroom salad
Unfortunately, I didn't get to try this as it was wolfed down by my friends in a split second! They said it was really good— I'm hoping to come back and try it someday.

Mushroom salad review singapore

Avocado salad with BBQ sauce — S$5.80

elemen millennia walk review
The fresh and crisp lettuce was topped with a simple serving of kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, avocados and BBQ sauce. It's a great way to maintain a healthy body with this dish without compromising on the tastebuds.

Wild Mushroom cream soup — S$6.80

wild mushroom cream soup
Truffle oil and mushrooms are a perfect match: so it is a no brainer to order this heartwarming dish.

Apple Vinegar — S$0.80

apple vinegar elemen review
A sharp burning sensation to clear your palate
Apple vinegar is known for great health effects, which includes weight loss, reduced blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes. While not many would fancy this 'shot', I absolutely love it.

Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice — S$15.80

braised pumpkin with glutinous rice elemen review
The stone pot of braised pumpkin is highly raved by my friends. This reminds me of the traditional korean dish, except that it is a lot tastier. The crispy glutinous rice turned chewy when mixed in the red wine and teriyaki sauce. I had lots of fun digging into large chunks of pumpkin slices, green apple, king oyster mushrooms.

Elemen@ thompson plaza review
Braised pumpkin with glutinous rice

Braised pumpkin with glutinous rice

Tempura Tofu with Avocado Rice Roll — S$15.80

Tempura Tofu with Avocado Rice Roll — S$15.80

This is my personal favourite— Covered with avocado slices, the rice roll consists of a japanese cucumber and deep-fried enoki mushroom. The crispy tempura tofu and crunchy bits add lots of depth into the palate. Highly recommended!

elemen japanese sushi review

Chocolate Lava cake with Ice-cream — S$8.80

Chocolate Lava cake with Ice-cream
It's an obvious sign that the meal is coming to end when you see desserts on the table. It was not too sweet. However, the chocolate lava was overcooked and the cake was a little too dry. I guess it was because we spent too much time taking pictures and the heat remained in the lava cake for too long!

Sweet Potato Puree — S$5.80

elemen sweet potato puree review vegetarian
Sweet potatoes are great for health!
Did you know that sweet potatoes are high in fibre content? 100 grams of sweet potatoes give you 3 grams of fibre. I thought that the puree was a little too small as I managed to gulped it down in less than 5 seconds. Nevertheless, it was really smooth and well-executed.

sweet potato puree

Wild mushroom with white truffle pizza — S$15.80

Wild mushroom with white truffle pizza elemen review
Six slices of pizza
It's hard to restrain oneself from gobbling down this richly-flavoured blend of white truffle oil with sauteed wild mushrooms. The crust of the pizza was crunchy and filled with air, which had the texture of both biscuit and bread.

Wild mushroom with white truffle pizza elemen review

Oven-baked mountain yam with walnut — S$15.80

Oven-baked mountain yam with walnut elemen review
Oven-baked mountain yam with walnut
As my friend Ai Ling would put it, this dish tastes quite exotic. Baked with mountain yam, water chestnuts, ginko nuts, walnuts and penne, the dish is said to help regulate blood pressure. I wasn't used to the sweet aftertaste that came with this savoury dish.

Lychee Black Tea — S$4.80

lychee black tea review singapore
Lychee Black Tea
The black tea served in an iron tea pot is a new addition to the menu. The restaurant believes that lychee black tea helps to reduce weight. It has a very strong flavour with a slight hint of lychee taste. Great for those who want a heavy-bodied drink.

ELEMEN @ Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-75A/76 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Contact: +65 6238 0511
Seating Capacity: 92 + 8 (Private Room)

Elemen Opening Hours (Monday to Sunday)Lunch: 11.30am to 4.00pm (last order at 3pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10pm (last order at 9pm)

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