Why do we attend convocation when it's so boring? A graduate's thoughts.

In life, there are several important milestones worth celebrating for — such as the birth of a child or of one's marriage. Should anyone celebrate their 'achievements' as a student? It was only a few days before the actual ceremony that I collected the gown with my busy/forgetful friends (hahaha). I think some of my juniors would do a google search "should I attend convocation" in future, so hopefully this post could help ease some of your frustration.
Celebrating my life as a student with the people closest to my heart <3

So... why do we need to attend convocation?

1. To appreciate your parents' hard work

Mum & dad
Not all of us were born geniuses— so it takes a lot of effort from our parents to inculcate the right sort of values and attitude in life. Going for your convocation also means celebrating your parents, and appreciating them. It was their many sacrifices (they could go for several holiday trips if they didn't invest in your studies) which brought me here today!

2. Remembering your friends' faces for LIFE HAHA

While Facebook can help you to connect with your old friends, these photographs help you to recall the special moments that were only shared by you. 

3. Actually, it's all about taking photos.

I haven't heard of anyone who goes to convocation because they're interested in the speeches by the guest-of-honour or the various performances. I think I've asked quite a handful of graduates why they're going convocation, and majority of their answers are... 'to take pictures lor'. So if you like to take pictures, you'd not want to miss out on this ceremony.

4. Train your focus.

The most boring part is the award-giving ceremony— it won't be boring if you were sitting with your friends. I was sitting with people that I've not seen before, and that made me fidget in my seat for 1 hr 45 minutes. I tried my best to give an applause to everyone, but it's really hard not to fall asleep....

5. To appreciate the professors who taught you

Ah, such fun times. There are many professors who have inspired me very, very much. It's probably one of your last time you'll see them (or maybe, you might see them many years later).

Hope this helps!

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