How to detox, absorb and burn with Superlife Co

If you hold a desk job, you'd probably understand the difficulties of wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's always a challenge for me to find healthier breakfast choices— most food stores only sell white bread (not gluten-free, high GI) and their ingredients are usually high in fat and sugar. I knew of Superlife Co previously through its Chia seeds samples. When Peiwen introduced me to one of Superlife Co's program, I was pretty stoked!
detox absorb burn programme super life co review
Superlife Co DAB program
The DAB programme starts with a bottle of water kefir.

Step 1: Flush your system in the morning by drinking detoxifying Water Kefir with active probiotics to help your body get in the mood for all the superfood coming your way.

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superlife co review singapore

Step 2: After, have a bowl of protein and fibre-packed buckwheat granola for breakfast. Protein has a high thermic effect on the body which takes more calories to digest and process while the fibre helps you feel fuller for longer.
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As I only had one set of the probiotic granola and water kefir turmeric, I'm unable to enjoy the full benefits of the program. However, the water kefir did taste quite acidic (which I believe is good for early cleansing). The buckwheat granola was quite delicious— do soak it for awhile so that the chia seeds can turn into a gel-like consistency which is better for absorption.

What you will get:
– Probiotic Granola x 28 days
– Water Kefir Tumeric x 28 days

Detox Absorb Burn Program
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