September 2016 - Fun Learning Fiesta (FLF) @ SCAPE

Pardon my looooooooong hiatus— I've been receiving some queries as to why I've stopped blogging or attending events. Sigh pie, it's actually due to a myriad of reasons. I was pretty much ill for the month of June, followed by two rounds of wisdom tooth surgery... thus, I couldn't eat ANYTHING solid. In addition, I really wanted to improve my cooking skills so that I could at least attempt to give some constructive feedback in my food reviews. I managed to crawl out of my cave to attend an event early September (right after my wisdom tooth surgery)... and boy I barely made it. Anyway, I'm feeling EXTREMELY motivated right now because it seems that my readership did not decline (WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!) Anyway, here's a review of the Fun Learning Fiesta @ SCAPE!
SCAPE Singapore review
Although I've been to *SCAPE a billion times for project meetings, I never knew that there was a hidden corner behind McDonalds! The youthful music reminded me of the days where I used to hang out at *SCAPE.

SCAPE Singapore events

Fun learning fiesta 2016

Fun learning fiesta 2016
Pardon my swollen cheeks due to post wisdom-tooth surgery. I couldn't smile at all because it hurts :'(

scape event review
The OCD in me love the neat rows of clothes. Anyway, this isn't part of the event but I thought it'd be nice to take some artistic shots lololol.

SCAPE Underground

SCAPE review
Flea Market
I always find the quirky and unique items sold at their flea markets interesting. I mean, it helps me keep up-to-date with the latest trendy items (yeah i sound so old now).
Discovering Playspace
Taadah! The event was held at Playspace, which basically is the area where The Lion Men troupe performed previously.

There were a few workshops, lucky draw and contest booths. There was also an Aquaspin booth where you can get a free trial, and some health-related booths. I thought that it was quite an interesting mix and I got to learn a lot of new activities!

There was quite a few booths in a white tent. Surprisingly, it wasn't warm at all. 

The list of activities

SCAPE fun learning fiesta PLAYSPACE

fun learning fiesta scape event

I really wished that I could try the various street food over there— they had some interesting beverages and hot dog buns. I also regretted going too late because it seemed that some booths had closed. Hopefully, there's another one next year! 

Address: 2 Orchard Link #04-01, 237978
Phone:6521 6565

September 2016 - Fun Learning Fiesta (FLF) @ SCAPE September 2016 - Fun Learning Fiesta (FLF) @ SCAPE Reviewed by Littletinysun on 9:35:00 PM Rating: 5

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