The latest Japanese food craze, Mosaic Sushi, has arrived in Singapore

At this day and age, nothing could be more innovative than an edible work of art. Together with the culinary skills of Kinsa Sushi's chefs and restaurant founder Shannon Wong, Kinsa Sushi has brought in the latest Japanese food craze — Mosaic Sushi— to our shores. We were there last year to try their tantalising salmon dishes, and it has been a really great journey with Kinsa thus far. Read till the end to find out what the craze is about.

Kinsa sushi mosaic sushi singapore
Mosaic Sushi

Black Beauty — S$15.80 

kinsa sushi black beauty review

Purple rice is a rare gem and I'm glad it's getting more popular in Singapore. A short grain variant of black rice, the purple rice is highly prized and was only used by royals in the past — it also has higher nutritional value as it is not as polished as the white rice we have. Thus, this rice serves as a great staple for people with diabetes. 

kinsa sushi black beauty review

Here's a quote from the Health Promotion Board website itself, Purple rice "contains similar amount of fibre but almost twice the iron and four times the zinc content of brown rice". Awesome yeah!

kinsa sushi black beauty review

Salmon Mentai Maki — S$16.80 

Salmon Mentai Maki review singapore
Salmon Mentaiko Maki
The flavours would progressively manoeuvre through your tastebuds as you transit from the sweet, mildly savoury flavour of the roe bursting into your mouth to the saltiness of the mentai salmon. As usual, I love this salmon dish!
Salmon Mentai Maki review singapore

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Kamameshi — S$26.80

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Kamameshi review singapore
This version of Wagyu Don offers a savoury option to their usual teriyaki-based wagyu don. The Wagyu Kamameshi finishes with a fuller-bodied roast— probably due to the fact that it uses premium purple rice. The dish is topped with medium seared Kagoshima A4 Wagyu with an onsen egg.

japanese food singapore review
There is only one dish we can compare it against — and that is the sweet version of this. I personally prefer the sweeter version as it somehow worked really well — this lacked the "oomph" factor. It's probably because we're used to savoury beef steaks. Go for the sweet version of this if you want to surprise yourself.

wagyu don singapore review

Kinsa Mosaic Sushi — S$38.80

best mosaic sushi singapore review
This rendition to Japan's mosaic sushi #Kinsamosaic is valid only for a limited Christmas launch. From 1 Nov to 31 dec, the Kinsa Mosaic Xmas Set features the mosaic sushi with other hot favourites, such as lobster salad, soba tempura, soft shell crab, fried oyster, pumpkin croquette and century tofu. You end the meal with a sweet Mizayaki mochi.

mosaic sushi review singapore
 The nine pieces of sushi are neatly placed in a bento box. Each piece is delicately handmade, and thus this requires a lot of manpower.

century egg tofu
Century Tofu 
soft shell crab croquette singapore review
Soba tempura, soft shell crab, croquette and fried oyster
The soba tempura is really interesting - nothing like what we've eaten before. Basically, it is deep-fried soba with tempura bits.

Mosaic Sushi Singapore review
The Kinsa Mosaic Sushi set in its entirety

 Mizayaki Mochi

 Mizayaki Mochi review singapore
The dessert is served together with the Kinsa Mosaic sushi - and yes, these dainty desserts would make everyone at the table go 'ooh' and 'ahh'. 

kinsa sushi  Mizayaki Mochi review singapore
Orange-flavoured mochi

Kinsa Sushi

Address: 4 Hillview Rise, HillV2 #02-02
Singapore 669320
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