Introducing the all-new ehbuzz —a community of local foodies!

Another resourceful portal has been developed and recently launched on our sunny shores — is a website where contributors are able to share their food photos and introduce the latest food outlets! There is both a desktop and mobile interface which makes surfing convenient and easy! Since we're mostly on-the-go, let's review how the mobile version works.

Using ehbuzz may be quite challenging initially on the desktop version as you would have to explore the various functions before finally knowing what each tool is for. One of my favourite features is to discover other foodies, known as 'Gourmet Hunters' in the app. Do you see any of your favourite instagrammers/bloggers here? :)

To introduce an outlet, simply click on the menu button at the top right (it's the same for desktop) and click introduce! You'll only need to fill in the name, address, photo, price range and tags. There is no need to rate at all! There is also another function for buzzing (I.e rate a shop) but that's about it.

Here's a screenshot of my intro for Muddy Murphy's, an Irish bar in triple one somerset!

The mobile web version also allows you to follow other hunters and functions in the same way as the web version. 

While ehbuzz is still relatively new, it does have a lot of potential to build a community of like-minded foodies in Singapore! I hope they'll publish an app soon!
Introducing the all-new ehbuzz —a community of local foodies! Introducing the all-new ehbuzz —a community of local foodies! Reviewed by Littletinysun on 4:10:00 PM Rating: 5

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