What would you do if someone sent this basket of flowers to you?

Flowers — they're the best organic living matter to express your love in any occasion. Before your great-great-great-grandmother's time, flowers have been used to celebrate someone's birthday, to show one's love when someone is hospitalised or to express grief over the passing of a loved one. Flowers make a GREAT gift. Well, Floral Garage Singapore has taken a step further with soon-to-launch DIY flowers that promotes sincerity among the senders through a very personalised touch. Read till the end to enjoy 15% OFF all flowers!

Valentines Day 2017 DIY Flowers Singapore
I won't be surprised if you haven't heard of Floral Garage, because they are the NEW online florist in Singapore that aims to provide fresh and beautiful blooms. I was able to select from three DIY products such as the follows:

Option 1: Flower Box

DIY Flower Box Graduation Valentines Day Chinese New Year
A beautiful arrangement of flowers in an elegant box comprising of exotic blooms. Give them to your loved ones for any upcoming occasion, or simply keep it for yourself!

Option 2: DIY Christmas Wreath

singapore christmas wreath fresh flowers diy
Details: An empty Christmas wreath with an approximate diameter of 60cm. Customise it with your loved ones with the provided flowers, pine cones, and other decorative items! Welcome your guests in true style this Christmas!

Option 3: DIY Flower Box/Vase

Details: Personalise your own vases with a selection of succulents and provided art materials! Perfect for the amazing minimalist. 

Guess what did I choose.......

Floral Vase DIY Singapore review

Option 3: DIY Flower Vase!

DIY Flower Vase Singapore review

When I first saw the basket of flowers from the delivery man, I was exhilarated. I had no idea that this could be so huge (imagine someone giving you a fresh basket of flowers at your doorstep!). I have received several bouquets of flowers in the past, but none of the experience is as exciting as this. It's the, "WOW! I'm gonna decorate my own flower vase!" feeling.

floral garage singapore review

Here's what I received:

- A handwritten note from FloralGarage (Thank you so much!)
- Four stalks of fresh roses (they were still cold)
- A bunch of baby breath flowers
- Ribbons for decorations
- A sleek and minimalist glass vase
- Some food for the flowers (Chrysal)
- A pair of gardener's scissors
- A ball of fairy lights
- A beautiful basket

floralvalley singapore review

I requested for the delivery to be sent in the evening— before changing the time due to a change of schedule. Hence, I wasn't able to make my own vase that night and asked if I was still able to prolong the freshness of the roses. Annabelle, the director of Floral Garage, said that I could put them in the refrigerator for a night. I did so and taadah!

roses singapore 2017 valentine's day
After removing the white nets on each rose, I noticed that the rose seems to be drooping downwards. I was pretty worried that I destroyed its freshness (but eventually, it lifted high up towards the sky).

best singapore roses 2017

I started to scrape off the thorns and snip the leaves. I had SO MUCH fun arranging the layout of the flowers in the vase. I couldn't wait to show my partner what I did hahaha!

floral bouquet singapore 2017

With limited knowledge on flower arrangement, I had to recall the techniques with my one and only floral bouquet lesson. The first question to ask yourself is: Which flower should be the highlight?

The Hotel Receptionist 

best singapore roses 2017
My first look was the hotel receptionist— three beautiful flowers greeting you as you walk through the door. Isn't the touch of green is very local in nature?

best singapore roses 2017
So beautiful~~~

Serene Blooms

floral decoration do it yourself at home singapore
I decided that simple looks best. This vase is so serene, I could just stare at them all day. Anyway, it's been a week and the flowers are still blooming really well! My previous bouquet experience would see all petals falling off— but none of the petals have shed yet.

Why does it feel so therapeutic?

Snipping off the stems and leaves are akin to removing the negative events from a relationship. I think there is something powerful in nurturing and caring for plants — it is as if the act itself is telling you that love takes time to grow. There is a lot of patience and care required— but you don't see the demand if you truly love it. The end result is always beautiful. I think the experience has taught me a very powerful lesson that beautiful moments take time!

Chrysal Review — What made the roses stay fresh or so long?

So I decided to test if there is a difference between flowers with and without the Chrysal. I didn't want to sacrifice my beautiful roses— thus I used the bunch of baby breath flowers as an experiment! See, with this basket of flowers you can do ANYTHING you want with it.

Look at the difference! The one with Chrysal is obviously WHITE and blooming— while the one without (in the vase) is dry and brownish-looking. I hope they can 'revive' with Chrysal. Oh yes, I am now experimenting to turn my baby breath flowers into blue ones. *grins*

A Collaboration with FloralValley

This DIY flowers concept will be launching one week before Chinese New Year.
You can select from a variety of flowers that are going for $59.90.

If you can't wait till then, Floral Garage also offer a variety of beautiful fresh flowers.

Floral Garage Singapore best and cheapest florist

Limited time promotion

To enjoy 15% OFF all flowers, simply enter code "shermainefg15" before each checkout.

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