She's the happiest when you give flowers during non-peak seasons

Flowers have been used to express one's love and adoration for many centuries. Many idioms have been used to compare one's beloved to flowers... for example, "This girl is like a rose among the thorns". EVEN the bible also has this verse, "Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women" (Song of Solomon 2:2). The question here is: When is the best time to give flowers to a girl? Read till the end to find out how you can get $15 OFF your first bouquet of flowers!
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I received my first bouquet of flowers when I was 14 years old... it came as a really pleasant surprise and I definitely remember the guy who gave it. ANYWAY, I think everyone knows that the flowers and chocolate industry thrive during the Valentine's Day period. As most of the girls in relationships would be holding a bouquet during that period, it hardly makes me feel any special... so I've managed to persuade my partner to do away the tradition of flowers during Valentine's Day. He gives me flowers every now and then and trust me, the element of surprise and joy I received is so much more memorable than flowers on Valentine's!
ABetterFlorist The Keira review

I received an e-mail from to select a bouquet of flowers of my choice... that idea in itself really excites me! At first glance, The Keira caught my eye because it was a pastel bouquet that gives off gentle vibes of light-heartedness and beauty.

Abetterflorist bouquet

As the website describes, "This spring time gem is beautiful and refreshing. Filled with fresh lilies, all our favorite roses and even a delicate posy of ammi majus, The Keira makes you stop and stare.
Blooms will arrive wrapped in our signature rustic burlap". 

Abetterflorist bouquet The Keira
So beautiful right?!
The actual bouquet I received was slightly different— it was short of that "purple corn-shaped looking with extra hair on the top" stem as well as the "fluffy white tail stem". HAHA sorry for the lack of a better noun, because I have no idea what these flowers are. That's because they're seasonal stems sourced straight from the farm. Perfect for a “just because” treat... or better yet, treatin' yourself.
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One thing I love most about this bouquet: it's smell!

The smell of Keira surpasses all other bouquets I've received— it has a natural sweet-smelling fragrance that refreshes my home. It injects incandescent love into anyone who passes by it. Even my partner proclaimed, "Why does it smell so nice" when he saw me with these flowers!

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So we decided not to put the beauty of the Keira to a waste by taking it out for a walk! Haha no lah, we actually went to take some photos together during our usual weekend adventure. 

yellow and white rose singapore
Sit still, Keira!

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These flowers are relatively huge

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How I wish that florists can describe what each stalk is, how they're grown and how they nurture it to be so.. beautiful.

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A selfie with The Keira from ABetterFlorist

I fed plant food to the flowers but it still wilted within 4-5 days due to the atrocious weather in Singapore. While the Keira was quite short-lived, my sweet memories of them would last a pretty long time!

Here are some other flowers which you can find on

The Allison - S$86

The Allison - S$86

the Spring — S$72

ABetterFlorist is able to deliver any last-minute bouquet flowers to you within the next 3 hours from ordering. You can also track the progress of your delivery on any given date.

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