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The weekend saw us scrambling down to Holland Village in search of a unique restaurant with traditional offerings. From the menu to the decor, this 2-storey Full of Luck Club is all about modernising Chinese food. This is different from your usual ornate decor chinese restaurant concept with neither curated art pieces or calligraphy. From the same founders of Li Bai restaurant in Sheraton Towers, Full of Luck Club exhibits a youthful expression of the chinese cuisine. It's pretty apt that they're located in Holland Village, a favourite destination of most expats and young adults. Read till the end to find out how you can get 1-for-1 mains or enjoy free $10 off your next purchase!

Full of Luck Club Singapore Chinese Storefront Restaurant

Review of Full of Luck Club

Ambience: 8/10 (tables were too close to each other)

Hygiene: 6/10 (wooden chopsticks appeared dusty, rubbish bag was placed in full frontal view in front of the bar)
Service: 7/10
Price: $16++ per pax
Food: 6/10
Drinks: 9/10
Unique factors: The menu has both english and mandarin translation and it describes the ingredients used very well. Although they serve chinese food, the restaurant also serves coffee (no chinese restaurant ever serves coffee) and alcohol. There is also a complimentary fortune cookie for you to take at the cashier.
Cuisine: Chinese, Asian, Cantonese
Specialties: Baos, Claypot Rice
Good for: Groups, families, couples with children, parties
Takeaway, table service, reservations and walk-ins available
Payment methods: Cash, Visa, American Express and MasterCard
Additional Tips: Go there after 2pm on weekends to avoid the crowd. The wet towel costs $0.20 - if you don't need it, you can let the staff know. Redeem FREE $10 voucher by signing up here: https://cho.pe/hbLei

full of luck club website design
Their artistic website - http://fullofluck.club
singapore chinese menu review
The menu
full of luck club restaurant interior
The storefront

full of luck club restaurant interior ambience
The ambience of level 1
full of luck club restaurant menu
Full of Luck menu

HK-style Singapore Fried Vermicelli - S$16.00

HK-style Singapore Fried Vermicelli Full of Luck Club review
Wok-fried rice vermicelli with shrimp and char siew

Full of Luck Club review HK-style Singapore Fried Vermicelli

Full of Luck Club HK-style Singapore Fried Vermicelli

Full of Luck Club HK-style Singapore Fried Vermicelli

Our first thought for the dish was that it looked exactly like what we can order from Ananas. Ananas is a chain of fast food located near major train stations serving beehoon(vermicelli), chicken rice at really low prices. The prawns were cut into really tiny pieces (i had to dig them up and display them on this photo) and there were very thin slices of capsicums. However, the vermicelli was very flavourful and there was a very nice wok fragrance to it. The capsicums were also well and evenly-cooked — no burnt ends which you can sometimes see from thinly sliced capsicums. I wish that the prawns were bigger and juicier though. The char sinews were a disappointment - it was dry, hard and felt like it was taken from the freezer and not properly thawed.

Sakura Ebi Shrimp Fried Rice — S$16.00

Sakura Ebi Shrimp Fried Rice Full of Luck S$16.00
Shrimp egg fried rice topped with crispy sakura ebi

Sakura Ebi Shrimp Fried Rice Full of Luck S$16.00

My partner is a fanatic of fried rice - he always orders the dish whenever it's available. Unfortunately, the rice was really dry and plain. It may be because this is a new dish to the menu and  we were wondering if they actually had a focus group for this. Anyway, sakura shrimp is rich in vitamins and nutrients such as copper and B12 so we forced our way through the dish.

Service was average and not remarkable. As we sat near the entrance, we were able to observe several things. There was a couple next to our table who spoke English while ordering but the waiter kept replyingin mandarin which made the lady feel pretty awkward - she kept repeating, "I'm sorry?" and gave the confused look to his questions. It took him awhile to converse in English. There was also a customer who just entered the restaurant and the wait staff just shouted across the restaurant 'Welcome!' - the customer replied table for two, and the wait staff lacklustrely pointed to the seat from afar. 

The dishes we ordered were disappointing - it is probably not something that is chef's recommended. We'll try the Baos and other specialties next time.

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Full of Luck Club

ADDRESS: Holland Village, 243 Holland Avenue, 278977
NEAREST MRT: Holland Village MRT (Orange - Circle line)
Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 01:00
Sun: 11:00 - 23:00
PHONE: +65 62086845 
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