5 Things Singaporeans Never Knew About Tiger Beer

Did you know that the Tiger beer is Singapore's FIRST locally brewed beer?! This brings out the national day spirit in me, lol. Launched in 1932, this 5% pale lager is one of the flagship brands from APB (Asia Pacific Breweries)... tourists and expats should try this golden pale ale whenever they're in Singapore. Read till the end to learn more about an exclusive beer called "Singapore Blonde Ale" exclusive to RedMart!
Tiger Tavern Singapore Asia Pacific Brewery Review
Tiger Tavern in the Asia Pacific Brewery

1. Tiger Beer is currently brewed in 11 countries and available in more than 75 countries

Asia Pacific Brewery Tiger Beer Tour Singapore
An old vehicle delivering Tiger Beer

2. There's a Tiger Beer Tour in SINGAPORE!

`Interesting factories in singapore to visit
Tiger Beer tour
Located in the western side of Singapore, this informative tiger beer tour is organised daily from 13:00-17:00 for both locals and tourists. There is also a number of unique merchandise for you to take home as a souvenir. Don't miss out the Tiger Tavern - a bar and lounge where you can have your free-flow of alcohol for a limited time after the tour!

3. Tiger Beer goes through a brewing process which takes over 500 hours

tiger beer factory singapore
Tiger Beer Brewery (APB)
Behind each cup of beer lies a complex process of brewing a recipe which includes rice, malted barley and American Zeus hops. The appearance of a tiger beer is clear and golden with medium white foam. It contains a subdued, corn biscuit maltiness aroma with a light scent of citrus. The taste is very light and thankfully, there is no aftertaste.

4. Tiger beer has also won more than 40 international accolades and awards

how is tiger beer made

Tiger Beer has won over 40 internationally-recognised accolades and awards, including the Gold Medals in the International-Style Lager and European Style Pilsner categories of the 2010 and 2004 World Beer Cup respectively. In 2008, Tiger Beer won Gold at the New Zealand International Beer Awards 2008!

5. They've invented a beer mixed with lemon juice

Tiger Radler Singapore where to buy
Tiger Beer museum

Tiger Beer recently launched the Tiger Radler in 2017, a new variant and product innovation that mixes Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice. This is a delightful thirst-quencher for any occasion. Unfortunately, the Tiger Radler is only available for a limited time. Tiger Radler is also available in a Mandarin Orange variant but I'd prefer the one with lemon juice.

6. The Singapore Blonde Ale is ONLY sold at RedMart, nowhere else!

Singapore Blonde Ale Review Tiger Beer
Singapore Blonde Ale
The Singapore Blonde Ale is a beer exclusive to RedMart, a online Singapore-based grocery website. The Pale Ale has moderate malty sweet flavour and is made with four different hop varieties— cascade, Chinook and pacifica hops are also added during the brewing to provide a Grapefruit, Lychee, Orange, Pine and citrus flavour to the beer. After fermentation, it is then dry hopped with Australian Galaxy hop flowers. These flowers impart fresh passionfruit aromas that give the overall flavour of the ale a clean tropical feeling.

ABV – 4.3%, Bitterness – 25, IBU. Colour 10 EBC

Asia Pacific Brewery Tour


Monday to Saturday
Excluding Public Holiday
13:00 - 18:30
Last Tour 17:00


National Day - 09 Aug 2017
Hari Raya Haji - 01 Sep 2017
Deepavali - 18 Oct 2017
Christmas Day - 25 Dec 2017
Tiger Birthday bash - 29 Sep 2017

Asia Pacific Brewery

459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 639934
Tel: (65) 6860 3005
Email: brewerytour@apb.com.sgBook your tour here: http://tigerbrewerytour.com.sg

Children under 18 are admitted only if accompanied by an adult and do not get any alcoholic drinks, children age 5 years and below are admitted for free.

Enjoy 1-for-1 Tour or 1-for-1 x 6 glasses of beer when you use The Entertainer Singapore mobile app!
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