What to Expect at Singapore Coffee Festival 2017

Thanks to DBS and Hattendo Singapore, Littletinysun had the privilege to join the trade event for Singapore Coffee Festival today! This year's festival is for the true-blue caffeine addicts— because a standard ticket would cost you S$22 ($18 for Straits Times subscribers or DBS/POSB exclusive).  This includes 2 sampling drinks, a festive goodie bag as well as a SCF card which entitles you to discounts at participating merchants. We've walked out of the event with lots of new knowledge about coffee now - the flavour notes, the process of brewing, the source of origin... if you're thinking of heading down this weekend, here's what to expect at Singapore Coffee Festival 2017.
Hattendo Cafe Singapore Cream Muffin Review Kaya Cream Muffin
Image courtesy of @Hattendo_Singapore

1. Safety first: Expect high level of security

what to expect at singapore coffee festival 2017 review

Even if the security guards recognise you because you're in and out several times, they'd still insist on checking your bag each time. Mind you, it's NOT a simple glance — they'll rummage through to ensure you do not pose any threat to security. It's a great move I'd say — safety first, its okay even if it's inconvenient or intrusive.

2. Hattendo's limited-time exclusive launch: Kaya Cream Muffins

singapore coffee festival 2017 hattendo kaya cream review

Hattendo has just launched their new subsidiary called "cream muffins" — and this exclusive launch is only here in Singapore for ONE week. The cream muffin comes in 3 flavours — Kaya Cream, Chocolate and Matcha — all 3 priced at $3. These Cream Muffins have gone through rigorous R&D for the past six months in the Tanjong Pagar outlet. Developed specially for Singapore, the cream muffin features three layers of deliciousness. Expect a fluffy, pillowy soft dough that melt in your mouth while the outer layer is made of crispy biscuit with crunchy almonds, pearl sugar and chocolate chips. All these are without any preservatives, so the cream muffin can only last up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. Without the refrigerator, consume within 2 hours.

CEO Daisuke of Hattendo says that "We trust Singaporeans tastebuds because the market here is really competitive. If it sells well here, it'll sell really well in Japan". Thank you, CEO!

3. Lots of exciting programmes and talks for the entire day!

singapore coffee festival 2017 DBS programme

Check out the Singapore Aeropress Championships where the baristas compete for the "Best Brewer" title— the winner will be flown to Seoul, South Korea to represent Singapore! I was lucky enough to attend the talk, "Wallets Gone Digital" hosted by DBS which had Dannie Francis from LOKE and Jesher Loi from Ya Kun as guest speakers. Really insightful and interesting!

4. Try some tea from Ippodo Tea

singapore coffee festival 2017 ippudo tea review

This event is not only about coffee but there are other products such as tea, coffee machines and strangely, books. Oh yes, there is also skincare too! Most important of all, there are lots of passionate coffee and tea brewers waiting to share their knowledge with you...

5. A personal coffee brew tasting session with baristas from Common Man Coffee Roasters

singapore coffee festival 2017 commonman coffee roasters
Wish I asked for his name.
Okay so I asked this barista more than a million questions about coffee, but I forgot to ask about one thing: his name! One of my favourites was the "Hakuna Matata" which hails from the Pinchacha province. It's beautifully silky in texture, and carries layers of complexities such as sweet nectarine and passion fruit flavours. "Hakuna Matata" means forget about your worries. Look for barista named 'Lucky' if you want the perfect latte - he has won numerous international awards. I. must. find. him. again.

6. Don't forget to visit the second floor — more coffee merchants are in store

singapore coffee festival 2017 The Coffee Academics review
From coffee machines to beans to friendly baristas, you have 'em all as well at the second floor. It's less crowded there too!

7. Complimentary skin consultation in the exclusive Japan-based Shiseido Cafe

singapore coffee festival 2017 Shiseido Singapore Cafe
I have the skin texture of 21 WOOHOO!
Okay - so I was attracted and lured to the Shiseido Cafe. Many beauty brands these days are doing multi-concept stores (e.g think MUJI). Shiseido has not yet launched a multi-concept store but I'm sure they will soon— their presence in the Singapore coffee festival is definitely a testbed to see what the local customers are like! Sample their cheesecakes imported from Tokyo— and if you have time, they have skin consultants to analyse your skin. Sigh I must do a lot more for hydration and moisture... but looks like the collagen drink I've been drinking really works though!

8. Free wifi — an absolute necessity if you're there for the entire day

singapore coffee festival 2017 free wifi
Is there free wifi? YES!
This was the first question we had in our minds before reaching the venue. Unfortunately we only found this poster at the second floor after touring around for 3-4 hours... they should put it at the first floor. Hmm it wasn't crowded when we were there - but I should think that once this is opened to public, there will be a sizeable crowd!

Singapore Coffee Festival

Opening Hours: 10am - 10.30pm
Dates: 3 August (Media & Trade day), 4 - 6 August (Open to public)
Venue: Marina Bay Cruise Centre
cream muffin booth: Booth 47, 1st floor

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