Discover this buffet spread at Amara Hotel's Element Restaurant

Hotel buffet restaurants have always occupied a special place in foodies’ hearts (and stomachs). Household names such as Carousel, Straits Kitchen and 10 at Claymore, have long enjoyed rave reviews from food bloggers. Element at Amara Singapore, while slightly less prominent on the radar of the typical casual diner, offers guests a similarly gratifying experience. With its spread of Japanese, French and Chinese cuisine, it provides a truly memorable experience.

Amara Hotel Element Restaurant Boston Lobster
Amara Hotel - Element Restaurant Buffet

These classic gastronomic feasts are also timeless favourites amongst families and groups out to communally savour a wide selection of international cuisines, often in celebration of a special occasion, event or milestone. It is thus no surprise that the hotel buffet enjoys such widespread acclaim and approval as the epitome of ultimate culinary indulgence and celebration.

Review of Element Restaurant 

Ambience: 9/10
Hygiene: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Price: $65++ per pax 
Food: 8/10
Drinks: 9/10
Unique factors: Live stations are available for sashimi and drinks
Cuisine: International Cuisine
Reservations and walk-ins available
Attended the tasting session with Ivan Teh Running Man and The Arctic Star.

Element Restaurant Ambience

The dining area at Element is a pleasure to be in too. With its white ceiling, brightly-lit interior and clean modern lines, the place feels spacious and airy. The wood detailing on the pillars and tables nicely balances out the harshness of the white-based interior, adding a touch of warm vibes. Apart from the buffet line itself, the undisputed centrepiece of the place has got to be the sizable wine chiller placed prominently in the middle of the seating area. With large mirrors that are as huge as picture windows and lights encased in vases, the decor in Element are polished and vibrant. The wooden cabinets and brown chairs makes diners feel at home. It's easy to have meaningful conversations as the restaurant is quite spacious and comfortable.

Exterior of Element Restaurant at Amara Hotel (next to the bar)

Interior - Element Restaurant @ Amara (Spot Ivan and myself in the mirror!)

Element Amara Hotel Storefront
Entrance of Element Restaurant

Seafood Section

Any wise diner would not skip this section—if you need a reason to dine at Element, the amount and variety of seafood available there is value for money. Look forward to dulcet and fresh seafood and don't miss the Fresh Moreton Bay Bugs, Fresh Oysters, Alaskan King Crab, White Clams and Cooked Prawns.
Element Restaurant Amara Hotel Buffet Fresh Oysters, Alaskan King Crab, White Clams and Cooked Prawns
Fresh Oysters, Alaskan King Crab, White Clams and Cooked Prawns
Alaskan King Crab Legs

Boston Lobster

Spanner Crab

Crayfish with Chilli Chunks Amara Hotel Element Restaurant Buffet Singapore
Crayfish with Chilli Chunks

European Cuisine section

Element Restaurant is helmed by Chef Samuel Quan, the youngest member of the Singapore National Culinary team. If you read the newspapers, you'd recall that they won TWO olympic gold medals in the Culinary Olympics last year at Germany. Chef Quan has clocked hours in various established hotels and celebrity restaurants, including Michelin 2-star Restaurant Aponiente, one of Spain’s best restaurants helmed by Chef Ángel León who was named Spain’s best chef at the Royal Academy of Gastronomy’s awards in 2013, and Les Amis restaurant.

Chef Samuel Quan
Assorted Cheeses
Amara Hotel Element Restaurant Review Chicken Coq Au Vin
Chicken Coq Au Vin

Truffle Mashed Potatoes Review Amara Hotel Buffet Singapore
Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Chicken
Different types of salads

Local Cuisine Section

I'd wish that there were more local cuisine  (e.g. hainanese chicken rice or nasi lemak) as part of the buffet, since the diners would also consist of tourists as well. The lotus root soup is highly recommended— slurp it down before your mains for a toothsome start!
Prawn with sambal chili sauce amara restaurant review
Prawns with sambal chili sauce

Black Fungus with Aged Vinegar
Amara Hotel Element Restaurant Buffet Singapore Review
Lotus Root Pork Rib soup

Japanese Section

Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines and this section definitely didn't disappoint. From ramen to cold tofus and must-have sashimi, Amara Hotel ensures the freshness of their dishes by slicing the sashimi-on-demand.
Live Station - Sashimi
Japanese Cold Tofu with Bonito Flakes

 Assorted Sushi

Fried Ebi 

Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi

Japanese Ramen

Alcohol & Beverages

Aside from free-flow coffee and a wide variety of tea selections, diners also get to choose from their house pours. Champagne and white/red wine  are available as well. We started with the Prosecco, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Try pairing your seafood with Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay for an ambrosial experience.



Element Restaurant's Desserts Section

With the large selection of cakes and desserts available, I'm not joking when I say you can celebrate at least 20 years of birthdays here. Have a slice of their Apple Crumble Cake, Opera Cake or Chocolate Banana Cake. Or, if you aren't a cake person, then the Cheng Teng and Red Bean with coconut milk is a delectable option. My favourite was the Cempedak crème brûlée.
Apple Crumble Cake

Mango Pudding

Cheng Teng (left) or Red Bean with coconut milk (right)

Cempedak Crème Brûlée dessert Amara Element Restaurant Review
Cempedak crème brûlée

Chocolate Banana Cake Review Element Restaurant Hotel Buffet Singapore
Chocolate Banana Cake

Element Restaurant

165 Tanjong Pagar, Level 1, Singapore 088539
Tel: 6879 2607
Price: SGD$65.00 (lunch / dinner)

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