iSteamboat: The Latest Pagoda Steamboat in Singapore

Steamboats are a well-known established symbol of reunions deeply rooted in the chinese culture. This timeless tradition has evolved from a single-layer steamboat to innovative, new-age pots over the years. iSteamboat is one such restaurant that brings the tradition to a whole new level: a pagoda steamboat with multiple tiers that features various techniques of cooking, as well as a personalised steamboat (i.e. hotpot) for one pax. If you're a tourist and visiting Singapore for the first time, it's a place not to be missed!
iSteamboat Pagoda Steamboat Review Singapore
Pagoda Steamboat at iSteamboat

iSteamboat Review

Ambience: 7/10
Hygiene: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 7/10
Value for money: 9/9
Cuisine: Eat-all-you-can Chinese Buffet / Steamboat

A family-friendly dining spot, iSteamboat offers over 40 ingredients for the ultimate steamboat buffet experience and they claim that their ingredients are prepared with less salt and oil. Diners have the luxury to boil, grill, steam or dip their ingredients. Dipping sauces are available in Salted Egg, Cheese and Satay. Diners can also choose any 2 soup base from (can be changed later during refill):

  • Herbal
  • Imperial
  • Tom Yum
  • Chicken
  • Spicy Mala
  • Fish
  • Korean Kimchi
  • Vegetable

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More than 40 ingredients to choose from
iSteamboat Pagoda Steamboat
iSteamboat Interior - Large Seating Area

 iSteamboat Menu and prices

Steamboat and BBQ Items

A La Carte (Cooked Food Section)

Salted Egg Prawn

Cereal Fish
Add on ala-carte dishes includes: Salted egg chicken, honey sauce chicken, Sambal Chicken, thai sauce tofu, Black Pepper Chicken, Black Pepper Fish, Crispy Fillet Fish, Oyster Sauce Beansprouts, Sambal Beansprouts, Sambal Kangkong and Salted Egg Prawn and more. We selected the salted egg prawn and cereal fish— both were equally delicious and we sincerely wished for more! These are must-try items.

Minced Meat & Fish Paste

Non-marinated - Chicken, Pork, Beef

The restaurant spots a wide variety of meats — and you can enjoy them with your preferred marinate.

Teriyaki Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce - Fish, Chicken, Beef

Szechaun Chili Sauce, Dried Chili Sauce, Tom Yam


Chicken Slice, Pork Slice, Beef Slice

Processed Food

Fishball, crabstick, otah fish cake and more

Hotdogs, cheese tofu, chicken sausage and more
The processed food, especially the tofu, was quite salty — it changed the soup and made everything really salty. Eat in moderation from this section if you want a healthier meal!

Instant noodles, various mushrooms, eggs


Chili, Garlic, Chives, Red Pepper and more

Drinks Station

Left to right: Fruit Punch, Yuzu, Iced Lemon Tea, Water
We tried all flavours and they were overwhelmingly sweet and concentrated.

Ice-cream station

Flavours: Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Banana
An assortment of ingredients
Mushroom in steamboat

Instant Noodles, Eggs, Mushrooms

iSteamboat Front View

Tips & Tricks to eating iSteamboat

1. Use separate utensils to avoid contamination of cooked and raw food!
2. As a starter, boil sweet corn to make the soup naturally sweet
3. Put in vegetables last so that it will not be overcooked and soggy
4. The dipping sauce splits when cooked too long - so use them fast!
5. Steam the buns earlier on so that you can cook it really quickly


6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102A
Marina Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 039594
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 1145am - 10pm
Mon - Thurs : (Adult) $22.80+ (child) $11.40+
Fri, Sat, Sun, eve of PH, PH : (Adult) $26.80+ (child) $13.40+
(Add-on) Free flow ala-carte dishes $4.99+
Phone:  63387873

iSteamboat: The Latest Pagoda Steamboat in Singapore iSteamboat: The Latest Pagoda Steamboat in Singapore Reviewed by Littletinysun on 10:29:00 AM Rating: 5

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