Fine-dining in a coffeeshop? That's possible in Singapore.

I'm always on the lookout for food concepts that defies tradition — and Salute Coffeeshop is one that rips apart the modern day definition of 'fine-dining' in all levels. It's safe to say that most people wouldn't search for fine-dining in an old school neighbourhood kopitiam but Salute breaks that stereotype with their aesthetically-appealing dishes, minus the stellar service. Serving German, Italian, French, Indian and New Age American cuisines, the coffeeshop reflects our rich heritage in the food scene at wallet-friendly prices.

salute coffeeshop review singapore
Salute Coffeeshop Storefront

Salute Coffeeshop Review

Ambience: 6/10
: 7/10
: 6/10
: 9/10
Value for money
: 9/10
: German, Indian, French, American
Payment methods: Cash only
salute coffeeshop review singapore

salute coffeeshop review singapore

Pork belly — S$18

fine dining singapore pork belly review singapore
Pork Belly 

singapore fine dining ideas review

There are a thousand ways to make this dish but the Salute's way is pretty remarkable — it's probably cooked in kaki style and served with a tangy slice of kiwi fruit, black cherry and special homemade sauce. 

Ravioli — S$16

singapore fine dining ideas review ravioli bukit merah lane 1
I've not heard of any coffee shop serving ravioli yet — so for this my expectations were pretty low. Creating that perfect dish is pretty intimidating — you have to ensure that your pasta is not overcooked so that it doesn't get soggy and remove air bubbles. There is also a huge difference between freshly made raviolis and packet ones. The thickness of the dough was quite alright and thankfully, the ravioli did not drowned in the tomato sauce. Pretty amazing!

Lobster bisque — S$15

singapore fine dining lobster bisque review
The bread that went along with the lobster bisque should have been separated because it started soaking all the soup and making it soggy before we could eat it. There wasn't a strong taste of lobster as well— this soup is a little weak in its taste and a tad too creamy. 

Grilled beef ribeye — S$22

Best Grilled Beef Ribeye Review fine-dining singapore

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Don't miss this dish if you're there — because the pureed carrot and pumpkin goes perfectly well with the medium-well premium grilled beef ribeye dish.

Saffron rice with skewed chicken — S$15

saffron rice with skewed chicken singapore review

We didn't spot any saffron threads but there was definitely the taste of that seductive, exotic spice lingering in that dish. How else can I describe the chicken but it is tender in texture and juicy in flavours? I'll want to order this again!

Smoked duck — S$22

smoked duck review singapore

Everyone on the table had the same tune when they ate this smoked duck, "wow, this is really good!" This goes really well alone and serves as an appetiser. While moist and tender, the duck meat is cut to an excellent portion that is enough to share.

Whole pork knuckle-$29

whole pork knuckle singapore review 2017 fine dining

whole pork knuckle singapore review 2017 fine dining
Expect to feel rewarded with the pork knuckle — a dish that is worth enjoying after a tiresome week. If you don't like Christmas turkey, this pork knuckle may be the next best alternative! The serving size is really huge for four of us— I can totally imagine how satisfying this would be when the football season is on and the coffeeshop is full of enthusiastic fans digging into the dish.

Drinks — S$2.50

salute coffeeshop drinks singapore 2017
Drinks are sold at S$2.50 each

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@makanwarrior opening the drinks for us

Aside from local beers, the coffeeshop also serves soft drinks in glass bottles for that unique dining experience.

Attended with instagram representatives from @msginginly, @kenpgl, @foodie_quest and @makanwarrior.

Salut Coffeeshop

Blk 119, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40, S151119
Opening Hours: 11.30pm to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Closed on Mondays Tasting invitation courtesy of Singapore Food Listing
Fine-dining in a coffeeshop? That's possible in Singapore. Fine-dining in a coffeeshop? That's possible in Singapore. Reviewed by Littletinysun on 3:19:00 PM Rating: 5

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