How My First ZoukOut Experience in Singapore Was like

ZoukOut 2017 has just ended last weekend - but I'm still in awe of the new sights and sounds that I've experienced. I grew up in a pretty conservative family but had the freedom to do whatever I wanted (i.e my parents wouldn't mind if I stayed out for nights ever since I was in primary school)— BUT, I never had friends who enjoyed clubbing. Although it was my first time heading to ZoukOut in Sentosa, I've had really high expectations because I've had a wonderful beach dance party back when I was 19 years old at Siloso beach. Everyone was dancing for God - no touchy feely, no secondhand smoke, we were drunk with overwhelming happiness and joy. Hoping to share my experiences so that next year partygoers would know what to expect!
Amazing 3D stage at ZoukOut 2017

Is ZoukOut safe?

I would like to applaud the security guards who took much effort in checking every bag that was brought in. There were also frequent patrols from the guards to ensure that every partygoer has a party tag on their wrists— it initially felt quite intruding because they would shine the torchlight on you but I guess safety is the most important.

What to eat at ZoukOut Singapore

My first inclination was to find... food! I was surprised to find that there wasn't any queue — maybe it's because I was there really early at 8pm. They had my favourite bowl of Keisuke Ramen (omg I really love ramen). The prices, surprisingly, were not marked up and the portion was still a pretty good-size. Nothing beats the romantic idea of eating on the beach.

My favourite adorable chefs from Keisuke Ramen! 

Delicious Keisuke Ramen - my favourite!

Savory pork cha shu 

Large dining area

What to do at ZoukOut Singapore

Bungee jumping - didn't dare to try it in the end haha
Aside from dancing, there are also few activities which you can participate in. For example, there is the bungee tower where the brave hearts can jump and dip into a pool. It is probably the closest feeling to suicide I guess.
Mandatory photoshoot with ZoukOut signage
There also fruit loots which you can spin the machine and win a prize. We got ourselves a beach bag, lol. There's also a lot of tents serving alcoholic drinks!
Feelin' lucky? Fruit Loots with Martell!

Gorgeous bartenders!
I went along with a friend who is like the alcohol guru. Recommended:
1. Orange with vodka
2. Coke with whiskey
Please don't try gin with green tea unless you like weird stuffs haha!
Amazing 3D-stage 
I actually intended to leave at 11pm but ended up leaving at 3+ am. I tried dancing to some of the music but it was not as upbeat as I hoped to be — the songs spot a steady rhythm probably at 50 bpm which made me feel kind of sleepy. I was waiting for really good songs with wonderful lyrics to dance to. The songs did improve after midnight, and that is also when the crowd crawled in. There were not as many people as I would expect for a 40-50k crowd, maybe because the area was big?

DBS Lifestyle Private Lounge

My favourite part of the event was to hang around the raised platform of the DBS Live Fresh Box — it gave me a bird's eye view of the event and I saw a few old couples who were standing near the dance floor.
Ample toilet cubicles around the beach
ZoukOut merchandise to purchase as a souvenir
VIP Lounge
There were plenty of stuffs to keep us entertained— but I guess it depends on who you go with too.  Overall, I really enjoyed myself there!
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