Why This $380 Sashimi Platter at Cast Iron Singapore Tastes Like Heaven

Scheduled for their official opening on January 2018, Cast Iron Restaurant is the latest talk of the town for their premium Japanese dining and Western flaming grills. I can't help but feel like a Japanese mafia stepping into the restaurant — a ferocious green dragon was painted along the walls and the wait staff and chefs were donned in black fitting attire, showing off their muscles from the years of cooking workouts. It was the most expensive 'Meal of the year' yet—the $380 sashimi platter is enough to get me a plane ticket and the $180 grilled meat platter, a night's accommodation in Japan.
$380 Sashimi Platter

Summary of Cast Iron Review

Ambience: 10/10
Hygiene: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Cuisine: Japanese, American
Great for anniversaries, business dining, workplace gatherings
Payment methods: Cash, Credit Card & NETS

Unlike other Japanese omakase restaurants, Cast Iron features spacious interior dining and al fresco. Chefs were candid and willing to share their knowledge. Gosh these good-looking chefs are such a distraction from the food (I'm not the only one who say that okay!).

Cast Iron Restaurant Singapore Chefs Review
From Left to Right: Chef Luke, Chef Nigel, Head Chef Anson, Chef Ming (Grill Master), Chef June 

Cast Iron Interior Sashimi Counter
Cast Iron Interior - Counter seats
Cast Iron Restaurant  Interior Sashimi Counter
Cast Iron Interior - Open Kitchen Concept for the Grills and Sashimi
where to eat at DUO GALLERIA BUGIS
Cast Iron Interior - The Green Dragon
where to eat at DUO GALLERIA BUGIS
Unique Japanese chopsticks rest/holder
where to eat at DUO GALLERIA BUGIS
Cast Iron Interior Dining

Grilled Stingray Fin — S$13

grilled stingray fin cast iron restaurant review singapore

I have limited vocabulary to describe the grilled stingray fin as it's my virgin experience. Dried stingray fins are popular in Japan and Korea but it's rarely found in Singapore. The closest saltwater fish that I could think of is the dried cuttlefish, a popular snack among the kids. Some people believe that dried stingray fins have very high nutritional value because it has high protein, lipid, calcium and phosphorus which helps to treat skin diseases and purify the body. This makes a great starter or snack together with some sake to go along!

Dried Beancurd Skin — S$7

dried beancurd skin Cast iron restaurant review singapore
Cast Iron's Dried Beancurd Skin 
The other bloggers didn't like the dried beancurd skin as much because it is not as flavourful in contrast with the other dishes. The texture of this dish is really good though, the skin is pretty smoky and thin. Squeezing the lime and the radish didn't do much difference — perhaps this serves as a palate cleanser because of its rather plain taste?

Dried Overnight Sea Eel (Anago) —S$10

japanese restaurant anago saltwater fish eel singapore

Many people associate eel as 'unagi' (freshwater eel) but there's also anago (seawater eel). Unagi is virtually in every sashimi restaurant worldwide, so it's really rare to see anago, especially in Singapore. This sea eel makes the other restaurant with the long queue (can't say who but you know who) pale in comparison. The bones are so fine and the eel was evenly grilled. This is also leaner, and the taste is more exquisitely delicate and light. Honestly, I prefer anago over unagi!

Sashimi Moriwase: Chef's Selection Of Sashimi — S$380 (Recommended for 6 pax)

chef anson cast iron restaurant review singapore
Head Chef Anson plating the sashimi
Chef Anson has been working in several high-end restaurants before settling at Cast Iron — his knife work on the sashimi is pretty precise and at first glance, I even thought it was done by a Japanese chef!
Cast iron Omakase Sashimi review singapore
Every sashimi here is freshly flown in from Japan and Boston. Pretty precise cuts on the platter
There's no need to head to Tsukiji Fish Market because you can have the world on a platter. On this platter, we had the Aji (Horse Mackerel), Akamutsu (Rosy seabass), Kanpachi (Greater Yellowtail), Otoro (Fatty Tuna), Tai (Seabream), Iwashi (Sardine), Botan Ebi (Shrimp) and Uni (Sea urchin).
Cast Iron Sashimi Platter Review Singapore
Tai Sashimi (Seabream)

Cast Iron Otoro Sashimi Review Singapore
Otoro Sashimi - So fresh and wild you can't see the lines (no antibiotics)
How to tell if the sashimi is fresh? Visually, the 'white lines' of the fish should be very thin. The reason why our $0.50 sashimi doesn't cost as much is because it is full of antibiotics and those type of fishes are farmed — it's different when you have skilful fishermen who goes out to sea with the right equipment and ensure that the wild fish is fresh.  

best sashimi platter singapore

anniversary dinner ideas in singapore

Grilled Iberian Pork Platter — S$72

grilled iberian pork platter cast iron restaurant

I thought the sashimi was really memorable, but equally remarkable is the Grilled Iberian Pork Platter. Consisting of the five different types of pork, the dish comes in a star topped with sweet apple chutney to cleanse one's palate. Here's the five different types of cuts:
  1. Yuzu and Chili Marinated Iberian Boneless Pork Collar (Aguja) — S$16.00 a la carte. Gives the pork collar a little kick with slight citrusy taste
  2. Natural Salt with Leek Iberian Pork Jowl (Papada) — S$14.00 a la carte. Distinctive taste from the light salt combined with the mild onion-like taste from the leek.
  3. Salt & Pepper Marinated Iberian Pork Belly (Solomillo) — S$14.00 a la carte. A cut from the back of the cow, where you can taste the meat almost au natural.
  4. Salt & Pepper Marinated Iberian Galbi (Secreto) — S$16.00 a la carte. It's that sort of meat that melts in your mouth and makes you want seconds and thirds.
  5. Miso Marinated Iberian Pork Belly (Pancetta) — S$14.00 a la carte. The mild earthy flavour from the miso mixed with the grilled pork belly is a heavenly combination for my tastebuds. 
best grilled iberian pork platter cast iron restaurant

Bone Marrow Butter Singapore Review
Bone Marrow Butter

USDA Prime Beef Tomahawk / Ribeye Bone-In Double Cut (Done 2 Ways) — S$130

USDA Prime Beef Tomahawk / Ribeye Bone-In Double Cut (Done 2 Ways) — S$130

USDA Prime Beef Tomahawk / Ribeye Bone-In Double Cut (Done 2 Ways) — S$130

gaucho grill restaurant singapore
Chef Ming on the 'Monster Gaucho Grill'
We enjoyed the grilling process in full view — I felt like we were watching a cooking show as Chef Ming skilfully grills the huge chunk of beef till it is evenly charred on the outside.

It's hard to get cut meats right — most of the time, the moisture of the meat would have already escaped, leaving behind a dry and chewy beef. But Chef Ming exceeded my expectations and what struck me was a whiff of savoury grilled aroma with succulent, juicy, piquant flavours. Perfectly done to a pink medium.

The fattier cuts were lightly salted so that the juiciness remains in our palate. The leaner cuts required more garnishing, and its flavour profile was elevated with a green chimichurri sauce. The Bone Marrow Butter is something that I really wish they sell off the shelves — it's velvety rich texture enhanced the flavours of the sweet grilled meat. I'm salivating as I reminisce now. Hey Cast Iron Restaurant, if you ever sell this, please let me know because I'll buy a jar from you!


Assorted Grilled Vegetables Plate — S$18

Assorted Grilled Vegetables Plate

Cast Iron gets the freshest produce and does magic with their grill. They turned the usual vegetables such as corn on the cob, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, brinjal / eggplant / aubergine, and watermelon radish into something really flavourful. Topped with shaved feta cheese. Ai Ling recommended trying the corn on the cob with the bone marrow and it was heavenly.

Sorbet - Matcha & Yuzu (Complimentary)

matcha and yuzu sorbet singapore review

matcha and yuzu sorbet singapore review

As part of the Omakase Set, you'll get complimentary sorbet. We preferred the Yuzu option because it was light and citrusy, a great way to end off our savoury porky meal. If you had the sashimi platter, it's better to pair with the matcha sorbet right after.

Alcohol Selection — Red/white wine, Sake, Beer and more

Cheers to a great 2018!

YONA YONA Pale Ale — S$14

Yona-Yona Pale Ale

They also have a wide selection of tsumami (food that goes along with alcohol aka bar food).  Ivan did a review on the fish sperm.

Cast Iron Dining Tips

1. Look for Alex for some great sake or Japanese whisky recommendation to go along with the foods.
2. Sit at the counter if you're having sashimi — you'll get a full view of Chef Anson and his amazing knife work!

Cast Iron Restaurant Singapore

7 Fraser Street
#01-32 Duo Galleria

Cast Iron Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11:45am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm,
Saturday: 5:30pm - 10:30pm,
Closed on Sundays
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/castironsg/
Note: the dishes reviewed in this post are subject to change as the restaurant is still refining their menu.

Attended with bloggers from Her Pen And ForkIvantehrunningman, msginginly, Purple Taste, and Epicurious Caniggia.

Fulfill your first Chope reservation and earn a SGD$10 restaurant voucher after dining. Simply book through Chope using this link https://cho.pe/hbLei and you're all set.
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