Curry Times has a new innovation: Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong. Shiok!

I grew up in an environment where my parents greatly influenced my taste for good food. Memories of my childhood are mostly food-centric — my dad often drove us around Singapore to eat supper in the wee hours of the night. Back then, one of our favourite restaurants for dinner was the Curry Times restaurant in Novena Square. 5 years later, I was there to try their new Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong and other popular favourites.

Curry Times Restaurant novena interior singapore

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Summary of Curry Times Review

Ambience: 9/10
Hygiene: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Value for money: 10/10
Cuisine: Local, Peranakan
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Menu and Ambience

Curry Times Restaurant novena exterior storefront singapore

Curry Times Restaurant novena menu singapore
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I think Curry Times makes a great place to eat at for large families during Chinese New Year. They've got really good local cuisine with a really comfortable, unpretentious ambience and you won't have to break the bank for that family treat. 

Curry Times Outstanding Brand 2017 Best Food

singapore best food ambience review

It was not quite what I remembered of the place. Curry Times is now a modernised kopitiam, and the kampong spirit very much remains. Like its Old Chang Kee counterpart, Curry Times is a halal establishment. In fact, you can buy the food from Old Chang Kee and dine at the restaurant! A digital display at the storefront seems pretty out-of-place when the Curry Times signage is fashioned in a old-school font typeface carved on a wooden board. I was amused at the milo tin hanging from the ceiling, a detail that makes me wonder if this was how stall owners used to keep their cash. The walls of the restaurant was also decorated with artwork that show Singapore in the old day and bird cages hung from the ceiling. 


Fish Maw Soup curry times review

Fish Maw Soup curry times review

The hearty Fish Maw Soup (S$11.90) reminds me of my mum's cooking. It's a simple bowl of fish maw, fish balls, carrots, meatballs, and coriander.
Sambal Seafood O Curry Puff (S$3.50 for 2 pcs)
Sambal Seafood O Curry Puff (S$3.50 for 2 pcs) 

Steamed Tofu Beancurd With Chye Poh (S$7.50)
For those who love setting their tastebuds on fire, this newly launched Sambal Seafood O Curry Puff (S$3.50 for 2 pcs) is sure to do the job. Melissa and I both realised that our tongues were not made for sambal, so we couldn't take it after two bites. I can imagine many people falling in love with this though! The Steamed Tofu Beancurd With Chye Poh (S$7.50) has a great texture, but the flavours pale in comparison for the rich food that we ate before. I suggest starting with this as an appetiser first!

Main dishes — Noodles and Rice

Curry Times Nasi Lemak With Sambal Sotong (S$10.90)
 Nasi Lemak With Sambal Sotong (S$10.90)

Sambal Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon (S$2.50)
Sambal Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon (S$2.50)

Sambal Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon (S$2.50)

Curry Times Dry Laksa Goreng (S$8.50)
Curry Times Dry Laksa Goreng (S$8.50) 

Curry Times Dry Laksa Goreng (S$8.50)

Call me bias, but I really loved all three mains that we've tried— Nasi Lemak With Sambal Sotong (S$10.90), Dry Laksa Goreng (S$8.50) and Sambal Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon (S$2.50). The sambal sotong was really spicy but the fragrant coconut rice dampened that spicy effect. Ivan mentioned that the Dry Laksa Goreng is a dish that he usually orders — and I can see why. It is so addictive! If I ever have a foreign friend visiting Singapore, I'd definitely get him to try this dish. The Sambal Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon is only available for breakfast.

Side Dishes 

Seaweed Sauce Fish Fillet (S$8.90)
Seaweed Sauce Fish Fillet (S$8.90)

Best Singapore Curry Fish Fillet (S$9.90)
Curry Fish Fillet (S$9.90)

Curry Times Curry Fish Fillet (S$9.90)

 Prawn Fritters ($12.90)

Unfortunately, I can't give a review on the Sambal Lady's Finger (S$6.20) because I don't eat Lady's Finger.  The 8-pc Prawn Fritters ($12.90) is delightfully crunchy and the meat was sweet and fresh. I also enjoyed the Seaweed Sauce Fish Fillet (S$8.90). Don't miss the Curry Fish Fillet (S$9.90)— the boneless meat and their signature curry makes it a real enjoyable experience.

Beverages and Desserts

Curry Times Coffee Chendol Review
Coffee Chendol — S$4

Curry Times Coffee Chendol Review
Coffee Chendol — S$4

The Coffee Chendol (S$4) is really strong and caused me a sleepless night. It tastes great with the adzuki beans, attar seeds and green jelly noodles.

Curry Times Buah Long Long Review

From left to right: Winter Melon With Lime Juice & Basil Seeds (S$3), Bandung (Rose syrup and milk) With Basil Seeds (S$3) and Umbra Juice with Sour Plum (aka Buah Long Long). My personal preference is still the traditional kopi-O and Teh-peng kind of drinks!
Curry Times Bubur Cha Cha Review Singapore
Bubur Cha Cha — S$5
The Bubur Cha Cha is highly recommended. Originating from Malaysia's Peranakan Nyonya, the Bubur Cha Cha is a bowl of warm coconut milk and pandan leaves, prepared with sweet potato, yam taro cubes and tapioca sago balls. Sedap!

Curry Times Outlets

In this post: Novena Square (Velocity)
238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34/41/42
Singapore 307683
T: +65 6354 3206
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm daily

West Gate3 Gateway Drive, #02-08
Singapore 608532
T: +65 6369 9609
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm daily

Changi Airport Terminal 365 Airport Boulevard, #B2-51
Singapore 819663
T: +65 6447 8068
Opening Hours: 8am - 11pm daily

46 Pagoda Street
Singapore 059205
T: +65 6221 8426
Opening Hours: 9am - 9pm daily

Changi Airport Terminal 410 Airport Boulevard
Departure/Transit Lounge North, Level 2, #02-81/82
Singapore 819665
T: +65 6384 3513
Opening Hours: 6am - 12am daily

Northpoint City (Opening Soon)
930 Yishun Ave 2, #B1-10/11
Singapore 769098
Curry Times has a new innovation: Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong. Shiok! Curry Times has a new innovation: Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong. Shiok! Reviewed by Littletinysun on 11:48:00 PM Rating: 5

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