Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber review

Opened by Mary Chia holdings, Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber  has been around in Singapore for many years.  The beauty salon is located in the prime tourist district at Chinatown and offers a haven of relaxation and hospitality with modern amenities. Previously, the outlet opened 24 hours but they've now changed their timing to 11am-11pm. Most beauty salons in Singapore close at 9pm, so having such long opening hours mean that they do face the strong demand from customers!
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Imperial Night Beauty Recovery Secret Facial— 90 mins

I tried the Imperial Night Beauty Recovery Secret Facial which supposedly last 90 mins. However, the total time inclusive of signup, leg wash and post-consultation took approximately two hours. Upon entering the beauty salon, I felt like I was going back in time— it was pretty zen with the music and fragrance that filled the place. It was also pretty dark as well.

Imperial Night Beauty Recovery Secret Facial— 90 mins
Filling in information about myself

Huang Ah Ma Imperial Night Beauty Recovery Secret Facial

The Imperial Night Beauty Recovery Secret Facial is a late-night spa and facial routine that was inspired by the bath routine of the Yao Tribe women.

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The consultation sheet
According to their website, the Yao tribe lives in the mountainous terrains of southwest and south China and the women are known to lead lives that are free from sickness and ailments. Possessing a strong constitution, the Yao women can go about their daily activities immediately after giving birth! Their secret to longevity and great health lies in their unique bath concoction made of natural herbs. The women bathe and soak their feet in the blend of herbs every day.
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Foot Spa
The herbs used were speranskia, acacia, turmeric and a mix of rare Yunnan herbs. These herbs help with problems such as insomnia. I didn't see the herbs but the water was yellow in colour with strong yet relaxing herb smell. The herbs are said to help open pores; in turn the skin can reap the full medicinal benefits of the herbs. They also aid in enhancing blood circulation and overall well-being. The Yao bath can also accelerate sweating —which enables you to expel the toxins in your body.

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Relaxing ginger tea

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Beautiful oriental ambience 
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Service menu

huang ah ma foot soak service singapore
Join me in my foot spa!

Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber review Singapore
Falling asleep

Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber review Singapore

After the foot spa, I went to a pretty small and cramped room for my facial. I was given a brown towel and was told to change my clothes — there weren't any space to hang or put my bags so it's best if you carry light. This unique facial was one-of-a-kind — I've NEVER had a facial where they use traditional copper bells to help massage the essence into my skin. The bells make a hypnotic 'ding' sound at certain angles. It was thoroughly relaxing. Because of the small room, I could unfortunately hear every word and whisper that comes from another room. It was one of the most refreshing facials I've had. I was also happy that they didn't hard-sell too. Hopefully they'll open more outlets in Singapore!

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber

50 Mosque St, Singapore 059528
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