How to stop sweaty palms and feet in Singapore

I once met a guy in a school camp and my memory of him was his really wet hands and feet. He told me that he tries not to shake people's hands because he sweats really easily. He never took off his socks and I could see why — there were wet footprints on the floors he walked on. He shared with me that it was really hard for him to meet girls because of his excessive sweating, and he said that there's no cure for it. There's a name for this medical condition — Hyperhidrosis. Most of the time, this goes untreated because the sufferers themselves don't know how to go about treating it. If this sounds like you, you might be heartened to know that there's a new machine (Iontoderma iD-1000) from Canada and it promises to fix this issue.

Iontoderma ID-1000

Iontoderma helps to stop sweaty palms and feet in Singapore.

How to use the Iontoderma iD-1000

Estimated time taken (excludes setup timing):
20 minute session per week for hands
40 minutes for both hands and feet

The following accessories are included:
  • Instruction manual
  • Banana plugs
  • AC to DC power supply
  • Aluminium electrodes
  • Plastic briefcase
  • Connectors
  • Soft protection mats
  1. Set up the aluminium electrodes and protection mats.
  2. Connect both banana plugs with the same colour show on the electrode connectors.
  3. Match the red wire with red & black with black.
  4. Fill each tray with two cups of water (total 500ml)
  5. Select the lowest voltage before adjusting to something more comfortable
  6. Slowly immerse your palms into the water
  7. Wait for ten minutes — it could be quite boring to wait and do nothing so watch your favourite Korean drama!
  8. Dry your hands and switch the colours of the banana plugs. Now immerse your hands into the water for another 10 minutes.
  9. Dry your hands. Repeat the above for your feet (if necessary)

Watch this video for an exemple:

What I liked about the iontoderma iD-1000

98% Success rate

According to iontophoresis, their machines will treat even with the most heavy case of hyperhidrosis. Read studies about iontophoresis machines success rate here.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

iontoderma is so confident in their easy to use, non-invasive and affordable iontophoresis machine that they will give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the results. Now, that's really worth a try!

About iontoderma ontophoresis machines 

The machines interfere with the sweat glands just below the outermost layer of the skin, leaving your hands and feet bone dry. Learn more about iontophoresis machines here.
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