Believe it or not - there's a Japanese sushi roll which is said to bring you luck.

Ehomaki (恵方巻) is a Japanese fortune sushi roll that is supposedly meant to bring you good luck if you adhere to certain dining rules. This Chinese New Year, IPPIN Cafe bar is bringing this Japanese tradition to Singapore. Made with 7 ingredients, the Ehomaki is freshly prepared and kept in a fanciful locally-designed box.
Where to find ehomaki in singapore
The ingredients of Ehomaki

Summary of Ehomaki (恵方巻) Review from IPPIN Cafe Bar

Ambience: N/A (Takeaway counter)
Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Price: 10/10 (S$8.80 for 1, $23.80 for 3)
Cuisine: Japanese Ramen Speciality

What is Ehomaki made of?

From Kesennuma Shishiori, the 7 ingredients include salmon, egg roll, cucumber, eel, carrot, salad, scallop, mayonnaise and seaweed. Ehomakis are "lucky direction rolls" and they're made thicker than normal sushi rolls. Eaten during the Setsubun period (i.e. Chinese New Year), the Ehomaki is said to be related to the Seven Deities of Good Fortune called Shichifukujin. The seven ingredients represent good health, happiness, prosperity. Rolling the fillings is a symbol of good fortune rolling in.

Rules of eating Ehomaki

Rules of eating Ehomaki

There are rules for eating it but I kinda broke all of it because I was too engrossed in taking photographs and I don't know how to use a compass HAHA. Oh wells!

  1. Gaze towards the eho (lucky) direction when you eat eho maki. (The direction is changed every year. In 2018, the direction is South-SouthEast)
  2. Eat in silence. (If you speak, your luck will be gone)
  3. Do not cut eho maki to eat. Eat it as a roll. (If you cut eho maki, that means you break your tie with seven deities of good luck)
  4. Make a wish for 2018 while you finish the eho maki in one shot!

Takashimaya Ehomaki Scallop

Best Sushi Roll in Singapore
Ehomaki (Scallop) - 1 pc for $8.80. 3 pcs for $23.80.

How long can I keep Ehomaki?

There's a label on the box which recommends us to eat the sushi roll on the same day of purchase. The staff over the counter told me that it's possible to eat within 24 hours and it doesn't matter if it's room temperature or not as all the ingredients are cooked (Hooray!). One of the customers in the queue actually asked for wasabi and soya sauce, but the staff said that the roll is already well-seasoned and does not need additional seasoning.

How does it taste?

It took me about 2.5 hours after purchase before I finally get to eat it, and I was surprised at the flavours which gel really well together. Having 7 ingredients in a big sushi roll at only S$8.80 is really value for money and it tasted really great! I hope that IPPIN can keep this dish in their menu.
Ehomaki Scallop Sushi Roll Review
You should never ever cut Ehomaki - it takes your luck away!!

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Ehomaki (scallop)

best ehomaki sushi roll review singapore

Top Sushi Roll Chinese New Year

Ehomaki Ippin Cafe Bar Review Singapore

Besides the Ehomaki, IPPIN is also offering the Shikai Maki (The Four Seas Sushi) (S$8.80) and Hoso Maki (Thin Sushi Roll) (S$3.80).

What a way to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!

IPPIN Cafe Booth


Takashimaya Basement 2
(near Cold Storage)
29 Jan - 13 Feb 2018
10am - 10pm
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Believe it or not - there's a Japanese sushi roll which is said to bring you luck. Believe it or not - there's a Japanese sushi roll which is said to bring you luck. Reviewed by Littletinysun on 11:14:00 PM Rating: 5

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