The Sights and Sounds of Kuala Lumpur

My aunt (I call her Aunt Cheryl) has been living in Kuala Lumpur for as long as I can remember. This capital city of Malaysia has its own unique charm — it is full of modern skyscrapers but still emits a laid-back sort of vibe. It only takes an hour to fly to KL from Singapore. Finding a Cheap Air Ticket is crucial especially for the upcoming festive seasons, so it's best to book your trip in advance!
kuala lumpur city review
View from Aunt Cheryl's apartment. Image: Aunt Cheryl
My parents paid a visit to Aunt Cheryl a few years back and stayed in Le Meridien, a 4.5 star hotel in KL Sentral. Service was excellent and the facilities were instagram-worthy. Pardon my mum's photography skills — it actually falls short of what the actual hotel looks like!

Hotel Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur

A dedicated dressing table, huge closet, refrigerator and white marbled toilet are some of the facilities you can expect in Le Meridien's hotel room. Room rates start at $135 per night.

kuala lumpur city hotel accommodation review

kuala lumpur city le meridien review

Le Meridien room hotel review
Queen-size bed - the gorgeous lighting looks great at night!

Ample dining options in Kuala Lumpur

Don't miss the local cuisine in KL, such as the Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh and Restoran Sin Kee! The food is uniquely flavourful because of the strong chinese and malay culture in KL, which brings forth a lot of spice-heavy dishes (such as the Bak Kut Teh). It's very different from Singapore and you can tell that straightaway from the flavours of the food!

Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh review

Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh review

restoran sin kee review
One of our favourite restaurants in KL
 Here are some tips if you're thinking of heading to Kuala Lumpur:

  1. The people in KL are generally friendly and would lend a helping hand whenever needed. 
  2. Expect heavy traffic on certain streets. Sometimes the traffic jam can go up to two hours.
  3. Aunt Cheryl says its not that safe to travel alone at night. Always be alert!
  4. I had a friend whose entire family contracted dengue fever after visiting one of the local shops. Bring insect repellent to stay safe!

If you're looking for a short getaway, there are many Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flights that starts as low as RM87!

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