Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore - Little Flower Hut Review

I grew up with a lot of questions about the world. My mum will testify that she had a hard time answering my thousand questions. My google history reveals more than a dozen questions weekly. Unfortunately, Google CANNOT answer them all... one of the questions I had was about the first PERSON who gave flowers! Who would have saw it fitting to cut flowers off the ground and give them to a person he or she loves? The thought of this person just makes me squirm inside -- sooooo sweeeeet!!! Now, flowers can be given for every and any occasion - birthdays, graduation, Valentine's Day, Christmas, new baby and funeral flowers. It also fascinates me how we ascribe meaning to certain flowers. Recently, I got a vase of white roses and sunflowers from Little Flower Hut and...

little flower hut review vase

I was blown away by the fragile beauty of these flowers. It's so lovely to just take time off and appreciate these amazing beings for a moment. Every stalk is different from another. The ones from Little Flower Hut lasted quite long - almost a week or so. Little Flower Hut also sells diaper cakes and balloons - they cover almost everything you need for any occasion. I was able to select the delivery timing and it came quite promptly. You can even select same day delivery as well! The delivery was prompt and reliable - I received a text message prior to the delivery and the reminder helped me to ensure that someone was at home to receive it!

same day flower delivery valentine's day

same day flower delivery valentine's day

Little Flower Hut Review Singapore
Trying to act as bright as the sunflowers

Little Flower Hut Review Singapore

best flower delivery singapore review
Messy hair after running through the rain haha

online flower delivery review singapore

One of the quotes I saw from Quora, "I love it. Especially when it's for no reason. It's like someone was thinking of me and wanted me to smile."

How do you select the best online delivery service for flowers in Singapore?
1. They provide free and standard delivery and thought through the entire delivery process to ensure the flowers get to the recipient.
2. They have social media accounts for customers to leave genuine reviews.
3. They have a FAQ and order form for you to order easily.
4. They have same-day delivery services.
5. They accept a considerable amount of payment methods.
6. I guess you can tell that Littleflowerhut meets all of the above.

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