10 dishes to try at Wang Yuan Cafe this August

Well-known for its remarkable service and desserts, Wang Yuan recently expanded their menu with local dishes based on overwhelming feedback from their customers. The cultural mish-mash of the cafe goes beyond my stereotypical expectation of a traditional, locally-themed cafe. I was surprised to come across a top-of-the-range FAEMA E71 professional espresso machine, modern interior design with traditional cutleries. The latest korean pop songs played in the background was also a stark contrast to Wang Yuan's branding. It was excellent to see a mix of locals and tourists bonding over local dishes in the cafe. Here are 10 dishes to try at Wang Yuan Cafe this August!

Wang Yuan Cafe - Curry Prata

1. Otah Otah Sandwich (S$5.00)

We first started with the Otah Otah Sandwich. Wang Yuan's signature mackeral fish otah is paired with their pan-grilled golden brown bread slices. It is also served together with tomato, nacho cheese and greens.

2. Traditional Katong Laksa (S$7.00)

Originating from a traditional peranakan recipe, this is one of the must-tries for tourists. The fresh prawns taste best when served with their homemade complimentary sambal, a type of chili paste made from a variety of chili peppers and other ingredients. This bowl is served with fresh cockles, prawns, hard boiled egg, fishcake, beansprouts and laksa leaves.

Curry Chicken Prata (S$8.00)

Roti prata served with Wang Yuan's signature curry chicken winglets and potatoes. Absolutely love how they puff-up the south indian flatbread to make it look majestic. The curry was a healthier version than the usual curries found in indian stalls as it is not too oily.

Wang Yuan Curry Chicken Prata (S$8.00)

Wang Yuan Curry Chicken Prata (S$8.00)

Nasi Lemak Chicken Katsu (S$8.00)

The rice is made more fragrant with natural pandan leaves. You have the choice of chicken katsu, sambal chicken or cuttlefish. It is served together with the mackeral fish otah, roasted peanuts, anchovies, hard boiled egg, cucumber and sambal chilli.

Wang Yuan Nasi Lemak Chicken Katsu (S$8.00)

Seafood Laksa Risotto (S$15.80)

Be warned, this dish takes at least 20 minutes as it is freshly made. The chefs at Wang Yuan turns the traditional katong laksa into something with a creative twist, serving the risotto with fresh prawns, scallops, squid rings, clams and laksa leaves. We would prefer if the flavours of the risotto could be stronger. Someone within our group said it's because we're older, hence our tastebuds may not be as strong... boohoohoo.

Wang Yuan Seafood Laksa Risotto (S$15.80)

Bobo Cha Cha ($5.80)

Each bowl is freshly cooked in a traditional way. The pure white coconut liquid contains a medley of colours - yam, sweet potatoes and tapioca jellies.

Dessert Wang Yuan Bobo Cha Cha ($5.80)

Chendol Coconut Snow Mountain($10.80)

Chendol is particularly popular in the southeast asia region. Served in a coconut husk, the snow mountain is topped with homebrewed gula melaka, chendol pandan jelly, red bean, corn cream and attap seeds. Wang Yuan claims that this is the only kind of chendol around in the 21st century!

Keong Saik Road desserts Chendol Coconut Snow Mountain($10.80)

Mango Snow Mountain (S$8.80)

Made and topped with fresh mangoes, this is an excellent must-try dessert for those who wants something refreshing. It has mango ice-cream, mango pop bobas, mango jelly pudding, homemade mango snow and milk cap.
Singapore Mango Snow Mountain (S$8.80)

Mango Snow Mountain (S$8.80)

Bur Bur Pulut Hitam ($4.80)

Another traditional dessert helmed by peranakans, this black glutinous rice dessert is served with coconut cream. It is my personal favourite!

Bur Bur Pulut Hitam ($4.80)

Milo Dinosaur Snow Mountain($7.80)

I couldn't take the avalanche of milo powder in my mouth with this dessert. Milo is a favourite chocolate beverage among many Singaporeans - it is no surprise that this would be one of the more popular desserts in the cafe. Topped with an adorable dinosaur figurine.


Don't miss the Gula Melaka Cafe Latte (S$5.50), Butterscotch Caramel Milk (S$7) and Barista's Signature (S$6.00). Wang Yuan procures their own quality green coffee beans and curate their in-house signature coffee blend. They also roast the coffee beans in-house and pull a "godly" shot from the FAEMA E71, a state-of-the-art, touch-screen machine.

Ambience and service at Wang Yuan Cafe

Wang Yuan Cafe

Address: 33 Keong Siak Rd, S089140
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 0900-2200hrs
Fri-Sat: 0900-0000hrs
Closed on Sundays
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